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Section I

Elizabeth Chapman

Telling your friends, family, personal provider, dentist, and ophthalmologist that you are looking for a position in health care is called? Networking
Summarizing employment is acceptable on a resume if it is prior to how many years? 10 years
The type of resume that should be developed by someone who is just starting a career and has had little experience is a(n)? Target Resume
Poise includes such things as? Confidence and Appearance
Providing a second opportunity to express your interest in an organization and a position may be done with a? Follow-up Letter
Your attitude is reflected in how you react to? Taking direction, Seeking excellence or doing just enough to get by, and assuming responsibility for your actions and considering your problem not to be someone else's fault.
Some examples of transferable skills are? Leadership, Communication and Keyboarding
When using someone as a reference, you should? Always ask permission beforehand, and verify correct spelling, title, etc.
What are the top errors found on resumes? Typographical and grammatical errors, not mentioning jobs having transferable skills, and using the same resume for all job applications.
During the interview, it is not appropriate to ask? About salary, sick leave, benefits or vacation.
A person with integrity is/has? Reliable, Maintains high standards, and is honest and dependable.
Which of the following traits or characteristics would not be considered desirable in a medical assistant? A self-serving attitude.
What would convey a "professional appearance" to the patient? Clean uniform, proper shoes and name tag.
What would be considered as unprofessional? Chewing gum while working.
What is the type of regulation for health care providers that is legislated by each state and mandated to perform duties? Licensure
What is a mandatory form of credential? Licensure
What is the term that signifies that one has fulfilled the necessary requirements of a specific organization to perform specific tasks; usually accomplished through some form of testing? Certification
What type of consent is necessary in order to share information about a patient to another individual? Written consent
What is the term that means the ability to put yourself in another person's shoes? Empathy
What is the term that meant to be reliable or trustworthy? Depenable
What describes the professional medical assistant? Has good written and oral communication skills, looks and acts professional at all times, is aware of the scope of practice and stays within the legal boundaries, and assists the provider in all areas of the ambulatory care setting.
How do good medical assistants portray their professional attitude by? Helping patients in a friendly and empathetic manner.
To become involved with their professional organization, medical assistants could: Attend local chapter or state meetings, attend a national conference or state convention, join their national organization and offer to serve on a local, state, or national committee.
A system of values that each individual has that determines perceptions of right and wrong are called? Ethics
Stepping into a patient's place, discovering what the patient is experiencing, then recognizing and identifying with those feelings is? Empathy
What contribute to a professional appearance? Good nutrition and exercise, healthy looking skin, teeth and nails, and daily showering and use of deodorant.
What courses are included in the medical assisting program besides anatomy and physiology? Medical Terminology
What is the type of regulation for health care providers that is legislated by each state and is mandatory in order to practice is? Licensure
In the ambulatory care setting, the medical assistant may prefer what tasks? Educating patients, administration (coding/billing), and performing various lab tests.
What is the specialty that is based on the belief that the cause of disease is violation of nature's laws is called? Naturopathy
A branch of the healing arts that gives special attention to the physiologic and biochemical aspects of the body's structure, including manipulation of the spine, is? Chiropratic
In order to practice medicine, a physician must? Obtain a license to practice from a state or jurisdiction of the United States.
What is another name of the organization where providers network to offer discounts to employees and other purchasers of health insurance? PPO
Another term for assessing the patient's needs is? Screening
What is not apart of communication? Attitude
Which is the most basic need in Maslow's hierarchy? Food
Your patient refuses to accept a diagnosis, claiming the doctor is mistaken. Assuming the doctor is correct, which self-defense mechanism is the patient using? Denial
Congruency in communication can be described as when? The verbal message matches the body language
The conscious awareness of one's own feelings and the feelings of others is? Perception
The body's response to mental or physical change is called? Stress
In order for the body to survive, the sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for the? Fight or Flight
Time segments for short-range goals may be...? Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly
The result of long duration stress could be...? Immune system disorders
Needlessly worrying is an example of which type of stress? Episodic Stress
The "wear and tear" our bodies experience as we continually adjust to a changing environment is called? Stress
The fight-or-flight response includes all but which reaction? Digestion is activated
The best way to treat burnout is to...? Prevent it
The Patient Self-Determination Act, which includes health care directives, ensures that patients are able to...? Control their own health care decisions.
What covers the relationship between providers and their patients? Informed consent
Res ipsa loquitur means..? The thing speaks for itself.
The 4 D's of negligence are...? Duty, Derelict, Direct cause and Damage
A 17-year-old individual who is in the Navy is considered to be...? an emancipated minor
Respondeat Superior is the Latin word that means...? Providers are responsible for their employee's actions.
What must the inventory of controlled substances include? List of the name, address, and DEA registration number of the provider. Date and time of inventory. Signature of the individual taking inventory.
If suspicion of child abuse is aroused, the health care provider should...? Treat the patient's injuries and inform the parents of the child's diagnosis and that it will be reported to the police and social services.
When a patient is asked to walk across the hall to the treatment room while only wearing a patient gown and is in full view of other patients, this is considered...? Invasion of privacy
When a patient reports a sore throat and the provider takes a swab for a throat culture to diagnose and treat the ailment, this act is considered...? An implied contract
The AAMA Code of Ethics includes all but...? We should be paid an equitable salary/wage
Medical records and information in them are the property of the...? Provider and Patient
Once a provider takes a case, the patient cannot be neglected or refused treatment unless...? Official notice is given from the provider to withdraw from the case.
When a breach of ethics is about to occur, the health care provider should...? Be encouraged to step back and review his/her actions and their likely consequences.
Providers who know they are HIV-positive should...? Refrain from any activity that would risk transmission of the virus to others.
Revealing information about patients without consent unless otherwise required to do so by law is...? A breach of confidentiality
What drug classification produces a calming effect? Sedative, Hypnotic and Tranquilizer
What would be factors that affect drug actions except...? Blood Type
What is the name under in which a drug is registered with the U.S. Patent Office...? Trade Name
What type of drug is used to help detect abnormalities...? Diagnostic
What schedule drugs can be dispensed by the pharmacist without an order from the provider...? Schedule V
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