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Final Exam

What does the hormone cortisol regulate? Aldosterone
Which gland in the master gland? Pituitary
Where is bile produced? The liver
Where is bile stored? The gall bladder
Where are sperm produced? The testes
What are the three layers of skin? Dermis, Epidermis, and Subcutaneous
What part of the brain controls judgement and memory? Cerebrum
What is the name of the space between two nerves? synapse
What blood type is the universal donor? O
What blood type is the universal recipient? AB
What is the name of the outer layer of the kidney? cortex
What is the difference between thrombosis and embolus? Thrombosis is a blood clot, embolus is a blood clot that is moving.
Where is the Axillary Lymph node? Armpit
Where is the Cervical Lymph node? Neck
Where is the Mediastinal Lymph node? Chest
Where is the Inguinal Lymph node? Groin
Where are the adrenal glands? Just above the kidneys
What are arteries? blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart
Broncho- lungs
Capillaries where gas exchange occurs
Colpo- vagina
Cornea pupil
Epiglottis Flap of cartilage that covers the larynx when swallowing
Femur Largest and longest bone. Located in the thigh
Gastro- stomach
Incontinence Uncontrollable urination and bowel movements
Ophthalmology Medicine studying the eyes
Oliguria Scanty amount of urine
Ocytocin hormone that stimulates contractions
-penia too few; abnormal
Pharynx throat
Phlebitis Inflammation of the vein
Pulse expansion and contraction of blood as it moves through the artery
Trachea windpipe
Tracheostomy Surgical opening in the trachea
Veins blood vessels that carry blood to the heart
Venogram X-ray of the veins
Number of chromosomes in normal human? 46
Which part of the long bone contains red bone marrow? Epiphysis with Cancellous
What condition is caused by a virus traveling over the neuropathway? Shingles
Adult respiration rate? 12-20 breaths per minute
What is a laceration? A ragged edged wound
Define preeclampsia metabolic disease of pregnancy
Arthroscope instrument to view joints
Bronchoscope instrument to view lungs
Colposcope instrument to view the vagina
gastroscope instrument to view the stomach
Laparoscope instrument to view the abdomen
Ophthalmoscope instrument to view the eyes
sigmoidoscope instrument to view the large intestine
Created by: Kbowers