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Word Elements quiz 1


a- not
ab- away
acetabulo- small cup
acro- tip, peak
ad- to, toward, near
adreno- gland
aero- air, oxygen
af- toward
ag- together
al- pertaining to
ala- wing
albi- white
algi- pain
aliment- nourishment
allo- other, different
amphi- both, either
an- without
ana- buildup, apart, back
andro- male
angi- vessel
ante- before, in front
antero- forward
anti- against
apo- from, off, away, above
arbor- tree
artic- joint, speech
ary- pertaining to
ase- enzyme
astro- star
ate- posessing
athero- fat
atrio- entryway
auri- ear
auto- self
axi axis
baro- pressure
bene- good, well
bi- two
bili- bile
bio- life
blasto- producer
brachi- arm
brady- slow
bucco- cheek
burso- purse
calc- calcium
callo- thick
calori- heat
calvari- bald/skull
calyx- cup, vessel
capito- head
capni- smoke, carbon dioxide
cardi- heart
carot- carrot, stupor
carpo- wrist
case- cheese
cata- breakdown
cauda- tail
cel- little
celi- belly
centri- center, middle
cephalo- head
cervi- neck, narrow
chiasm- cross, x
Choano- Funnel
Chole- Bile
Chondro- Grain, cartilidge
Chromo Color
Chrono Time
Cili Eyelashes
Circ Around, about
Cis Cut
Cisterna Resovoir
Clast Destroy
Clavi Hammer
-Cle Little
Cleido Clavicle
Cnemo Lower leg
Co Together
Collo Hill, glue
Contra Opposite
Corni Horn
Corono Crown
Corpo Body
Corti Bark
Costa Rib
Created by: 200235332



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