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Integumentary Words

Abrasion scrape
Adenopathy Gland, Diasease
Albinism Congenital, non-pathological, partial or total absence of pigment in skin, hair, and eyes
Amastia Absence of breast
Benign non-cancerous
Cicatrix Normal scarring
congenital noted a birth
contusion trauma with unbroken skin
crustation scab
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dermatoplasty skin grafting; repair of the skin
dermatotherapy skin treatment
dermatome an instrument to cut skin
dermis layer of skin under the epidermis, which contains living tissue, nerve endings, capillaries, and lymphatics
epidermis outermost layer of skin with no blood or nerve supply
gangrene necrosis or death of tissue
hemangioma benign tumor of dilated blood vessles
hidradenitis inflammation of a sweat gland
hyperesthesia extreme sensitivity to sensory stimuli, especially pain or touch
ichthyosis abnormal condition of dryness or scales
integument covering
keloid raised firm, thickened scar that may grow for a prolonged period of time
laceration irregular tear in the flesh
lipoma tumor composed of fat cells
lumpectomy surgical removal of a small breast tumor
malignant cancerous
melanoma black tumor
mycology study of fungus
neoplasm any new and abnormal growth
onychia inflammation of the nail bed, frequently with loss of the nail
anychomalacia softening of the nail
onychocryptosis abnormal condition of hidden nail
pachyderma thick skin
peau d'orange dimpled skin resembling an orange peel
scleroderma hard skin
subcutaneous pertaining to under the skin
subungal under the nail
systemic lupus erythematosus a chronic disease of unknown origin, commonly marked by erythematosus rash on face and other areas exposed to sunlight. Involves vascular and connective tissue degeneration of many organs, resulting in multiple local and systemic manifestations
thelitis inflammation of the nipple(s)
trichomycosis abnormal condition of hair fungus
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