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NIC Written

NIC Written Flashcards

What is considered a universal form of communication? Mime
Systems for manually represented English were developed for... The primary purpose of teaching d/Deaf children English.
The focus of the cultural/humanistic view of Deaf people is... On the person rather than the deafness.
In Title 5 of the ADA telecommunications companies must... Provide local and long distance relay services 24/7.
Is there gender distinction within the pronoun system in ASL? No.
True or False? Object-verb agreement is found in ASL but not in English. True.
What is the primary reason that hearing people have difficulty becoming fluent in ASL? It is difficult to gain sufficient exposure to Deaf people using ASL.
What is most valued in a LOW-CONTEXT culture? Individuality.
What company has the greatest interest in phone relay services? Telecommunications for the Deaf Inc.
In noun-verb pairs in ASL - how is a Noun signed? A Noun is signed using a smaller double movement.
What is Diglossia? The use of two languages or of two varieties of the same language in a community in which one has a higher status than the other.
An English word that has the closest approximate meaning to an ASL sign is... A gloss.
When people adjust their language and the way that they are talking based on whom they are speaking to - they are shifting... Register.
Which is the best cue that a Deaf audience has failed to comprehend a voice to sign interpretation? A confused copying of a sign.
What has been showed to correlate most with the rate of occurrences in interpretation miscues? Process time.
When an interpreter is subpoenaed as an expert witness in court, the interpreter's area of expertise is... Communication issues and cross-cultural mediation.
What is the name of the RID monthly newsletter? The Views
Historically, what is the primary way that ASL and Deaf culture has been passed from generation to generation? Residential schools/folklore
From a cultural perspective, the core of the Deaf community is most appropriately thought of as a... Linguistic Minority Group.
The most content adjustments that interpreters make are; linguistic or... Cultural.
Define Community: "A group or individuals who share common characteristics, goals and interests."
According to the GISH model, the theme most closely relates to? The main idea.
In the COLONOMOS model, "decoding" is also known as? Dropping form.
Which interpreting model was used in the field of interpreting for the longest time? The Helper Model.
According to the Department of Justice, how is the term, "qualified interpreter" defined? "An interpreter who is able to interpret effectively, accurately and impartially both receptively and expressively using any necessary vocabulary."
What was William Stokoe's contribution to the Deaf culture? He was the first to systematically analyze ASL.
Linguistically, a pidgin language results from what? The interaction of two speech communities.
What is meant by "high context culture"? A high context culture is one where most of the information lies either in the physical context or within the people who are part of the interaction. Ex: Deaf and Asian cultures, shared experiences, implicit information.
What is reverse interpreting? The old term used for voice interpreting or sign to voice interpreting.
Chuchotage means? When is it used? Whisper interpreting. This type of interpreting is used for the benefit of a small group.
A small sound-proof booth is called? And was invented by? Called: Dumb-booth. Invented by: Edward Filene.
Sight translation is... When an interpreter reads a text in another language and provides a translation.
The ADA has 5 Titles - what are they? 1. Employment. 2. Public Service. 3. Public Accommodation. 4. Telecommunications. 5. Miscellaneous.
What is the difference between Section 504 and the ADA? Section 504 applies only to institutions receiving federal financial assistance. The ADA covers most establishments, whether private or public.
What was the name of the first organization of interpreters? The Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf.
What is Gestuno? An international sign language.
ICED International Congress on the Education of the Deaf
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ALDA Association of Late-Deafened Adults
AVLIC Association for Visual Language Interpreters of Canada
NTID National Technical Institute for the Deaf
QA and QAP Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance Program
PSE Pidgin Sign English
NTD National Theatre of the Deaf
ASHLA American speech, hearing and Language Association
MCE Manually Coded English
SEE1 SEE2 SEE1: Seeing Essential English SEE2: Signed Exact English
AADB American Association of the Deaf and Blind
ASLTA American Sign Language Teachers Association
AGBAD Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
WFD World Federation of the Deaf
List the six parts of a message: 1. Content 2. Function. 3. Register. 4. Affect. 5. Contextual Force. 6. Metanotative Qualities.
What percentage of d/Deaf people have hearing parents? 90%.
What did Mr. Cogswell do? He funded the trip for T.H. Gallaudet to Europe to learn Educational methods for teaching the d/Deaf.
Who was the director of the school for the deaf in Paris? And Who were the two most promising students? Director: Sicard Students: Jean Massieau and Clerc
What is the well noted quote from Aristotle about the deaf? "Those who cannot speak are those who cannot think."
What conference in 1880 had a large impact on the method of education in both American and Europe? And what was the impact? Milan Conference. Which lead to the popularization of the oral method and banning of sign language in the classroom.
What person became quite famous after the Milan Conference and why? Alexander Graham Bell. Fluent in sign language, proponent of oral language and eugenics.
When was the first NAD convention? 1880.
Where was the first school that accepted deaf and blind students and when did it open? Virginia. 1839.
What contribution to the deaf community did Abraham Lincoln make during the Civil War? Signed the charter to open the first deaf college.
The first "Deaf Mute College" was opened when and what was it called? Opened 1884, Gallaudet.
1817, what method did Clerc and Gallaudet stress, why, and was it successful? Methodological (Signed English) created by Abbe Charles De L'eppe to teach English grammar-method, failed until they switched to ASL.
When was the "Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb" opened? March 1817 in Hartford, CT.
When and where was the second school for the deaf opened? 1818, New York.
When and where was the third school for the deaf opened? 1820, Pennsylvania.
When and where was the first state supported school for the deaf opened? 1823, Danville, KY.
Which Public Law Mandates that certification be approved by the courts? PL 95-539.
List three types of simultaneous interpreting: 1. Whisper. 2. Dummy booth. 3. Cited.
What are the 6 categories of utterances? 1. Emotive. 2. Conative. 3. Referential. 4. Phatic. 5. Metalingual. 6. Poetic.
When did Clerc and Gallaudet leave for America and from where? France, June 18, 1816.
Which law says that each d/Deaf student must have an Individualized Education Plan? PL-94-142.
Who are the originators of process models? 1. Seleskovich. 2. Ingram. 3. Cokely. 4. Colonomos. 5. Isham.
What type of court proceedings guarantee the provision of an interpreter? Criminal.
Which public law pertains to retraining in the workforce? PL 89-333.
Why was CIT created? For the exchange of information on teaching interpreters and interpreting.
"Hand on throat, thumb on lip" communication is known as what? Tadoma Methoda.
Which act provides access by the removing of communication barriers? The rehabilitation act of 1973.
What linguistic characteristics do all true sign languages share? 1. Classifiers. 2. Spatial Locations. 3. Directional Movement.
Who must comply with the ADA? All state and local government agencies.
If a d/Deaf person is acquiring interpreting services, how much can that d/Deaf person be charged? Nothing.
What is Mary E. Switzer known for? Professionalization of Interpreting, the commissioner of Rehab Services.
Name two types of memory: 1. Substantive. 2. Verbatim.
What is the NTIC? Who is included? National Interpreter Training Consortium Members: California, New York, Gallaudet, St. Paul, Seattle Central Community College, Univ. of Tennessee.
What is the CIT and when was it founded? Conference of Interpreter Trainers, founded in 1979.
What is Public Law 95-539? Court Interpreters act of 1978.
What are the five parts, parameters, of a sign? 1. Handshape. 2. Movement. 3. Location. 4. Palm orientation. 5. Non-manual signal.
RID's original purpose was... To ensure Interpreters were qualified.
Explain what MLS means: (Minimal Language Skills), not fluent in English or ASL.
Where should an interpreter stand when doing platform interpreting? To the right and slightly behind the speaker.
What is the leading cause of Deafness? Spinal meningitis.
Name the models for interpreting: Helper, Conduit, Communication Facilitator, Bi-lingual Bi-cultural mediator, Multi-Cultural.
RID was incorporated in which year? 1972.
PL 94-142 provides for what? "Least restrictive environment".
When and where was simultaneous communication first used? 1931, League of Nations Assembly.
How many regions are there? Five.
Name the five registers: 1. Frozen. 2. Formal. 3. Consultative. 4. Casual/informal. 5. Intimate.
Describe the process of Oral Interpreting: "Oral interpreting repeats speech-usually verbatim and usually silently."
When did interpreting start as a profession? In the 1960's.
What are the two main reasons for having your membership terminated? 1. Cause found by the Board of Dir. from a recommendation from the National Certification Board. 2. Non payment of dues within 30 days of the due date.
How often does RID Membership meet? Why? Bi-annually, every two years. They meet to provide professional development for the members, conduct business, provide forum for exchange of information.
How many Directors are on the RID Board? What are the positions and titles? There are nine; President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Member at large, Five Regional Reps, Executive Director.
What are the criteria that you must satisfy in order to run for office? All candidates must be in good standing for four years. Regional Reps must have lived in the region for at least two years. Member at Large: will go to the immediate past President, then Vice President.
What is simultaneous interpretation? The interpretation that is delivered nearly instantaneously after the original message.
What is consecutive interpreting? The interpreter repeats the message into the target language following the original speaker's presentation.
What does De Calage mean? Simultaneous interpreting. It has a narrow lag time.
Who can vote in the RID? Certified members can vote in meetings, referenda, and elections. Associate members can vote in all the same, except referenda pertaining to evaluations, certifications, and standards/ethics.
What does translation mean? General term: Referring to changing from one language to another. The form of the language might be written, oral, or signed. Narrow or technical usage: It refers to the process of changing a written message from one language to another.
What is an "A" language? The interpreter's first language or "mother tongue", in which the interpreter continues to have fluency.
What is a "B" language? Any other active language which an interpreter commands, i.e.: can interpret into actively.
What is a "C" language? An interpreter may have one or more passive languages, which can be understood well enough to interpret from them, but cannot be used fluently enough to interpret fluently into them.
In what year was RID founded? In June 14-17, 1964, Workshop, and in 1965 the constitution was approved.
What is the principle purpose of RID? Initiate, Sponsor, Promote, execute policies and activities that might further the profession of interpreting in ASL or English and the transliteration of English.
What is interpreting in its most strict sense? The process of changing messages produced in one language immediately into another language. The language may be spoken or signed, the defining characteristic is the live and immediate translation can be simultaneous or consecutive from SL to a TL orally.
What does transliteration mean? It has one meaning for spoken and written manipulation, and a related but separate meaning for signed interpretation. A. Transcription of a written non-roman text to a roman text or letters. B. Changing English to manually coded English or Vise Versa.
At what workshop was the RID established? The Workshop for Rehabilitation Personnel and Interpreters.
Where was the workshop held? At Ball State Teacher's College, Muncie, Indiana, on June 14-17, 1964.
What was the original name for the RID? The National Registry of Professional Interpreters and Translators for the Deaf.
What does RID stand for? (currently) Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.
Created by: tmtroutman
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