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Fuels Vol. 2 Unit 4

Loading/Offloading Facilities, Bonding and Grounding, and Pipelines

what type of couplings are provided at truck offloading facilities? (230) API 1004 and camlock adapters for commercial trucks, and single point receptacles for military refueling trucks
tank truck unloading headers will be spaced about how many feet apart? (230) 40 feet
emergency stop switches have what type of contacts and complete which circuits? (231) closed contacts; low-voltage for the fuel transfer pump control
what type of grounding rods are used on aboveground fuel tanks? (232) galvanized steel
where are the emergency-stop switches located? (231) at truck and tank car loading installations. must not be closer than 25 ft
are emergency-stop switches normally open or closed? (231) closed
what must be reset when an emergency-stop switch is pushed? (231) circuit breaker
what color are emergency-stop switches? (231) red
when the pump select switch is turned to AUTO, what switch must be used to operate the pump? (231) remote pump switch
how is the piping at a truck loading and offloading headers connected and grounded? (232) by means of a 3/32-inch, nylon-covered, stainless steel wire rope ground cable; an approved ground rod
why is copper not used in a grounding system? (232) copper causes corrosion when reacting w/ steel
usually, what is the cause of corrosion in underground pipelines and tanks? (233) either galvanic corrosion or stray-current corrosion
an impressed-current cathodic protection system uses anodes made of (233) carbon
what do unaccountable fluctuations of the rectifier in a cathodic protection system indicate? (233) stray-current activity
when receiving fuel by pipeline, what is the first component that fuel passes through at the bulk storage area? (234) pressure-reducing valve
what is the minimum speed for a scraper when cleaning a pipeline? (234) 2 mph
how is the number of pump stations to be used on a pipeline determined? (234) by the distance and terrain features
temporary pipeline is constructed using what type of pipe? (234) Victaulic pipe
how are permanent repairs made to corrosion leaks on aboverground tanks? (234) by welding
what is used to pressurize a pipeline during the annual pressure test? (234) installed pumps
how often is a hydrostatic pressure test required? (234) every 5 years
at what percent of the normal operating pressure is the hydrostatic pressure test performed? (234) 150%
what type of test must be performed if leak or excessive pressure drop is indicated during the hydrostatic pressure test? (234) flow test
what would indicate the need for pipeline cleaning? (234) a drop in flow rate and pressure
why is it important not to shut down the fuel flow while a scraper is moving through the line? (234) dirt and debris settling in front of the scraper will cause it to be stuck
Created by: Scottydick
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