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Fuels Vol. 2 Unit 3

Meters and Gauges

if a meter is correct within what percent of total fuel displaced, it meets AF standards (222) 0.2 percent
how often must meters be calibrated? (222) annually
what are the two greatest enemies to any meter? (222) dirt and air
what is the process of changing the drive or register in some way to make it add faster or slower w/ respect to the action of the measuring chamber? (222) calibration
what type meter is a positive-displacement rotor type? (223) Smith meter
what is the basic principle of calibration mechanisms? (222) that of a gear train
how is major maintenance performed on a meter? (222) by contract w/ the manufacturer
list inspections required on the smith meter (223) visual inspection of meter assembly
what maintenance is performed on the smith meter? (223) removal of dirt, replacement of gasket, and calibration of meters
what is the value of the coarse and fine adjustments on the smith meter? (223) coarse, 138.8 cubic inches per 100 gallons; fine, 11.5 cubic inches per gallon
if the mastermeter reading is more than the meter you are calibrating, in which direction must you move the calibrating levers? (223) outward
what is the most probable cause for the meter to over-register? (222) air in the line
how is the register of a meter changed to match the actual fuel dispensed through the meter? (222) change the gear train ratio
what maintains a tight seal in the measuring chamber of an A.O. smith meter? (223) Teflon vane inserts
who should the repairs when an A.O. smith meter requires major maintenance? (223) manufacturer
on what principle does the liquid control meter operate? (224) positive displacement principle
what inspections are made on the liquid control meter? (224) it is visually inspected for leaks and calibration
how is the meter calibrated? (224) by using a mastermeter and making the necessary adjustment to the micrometer
what routine maintenance is performed on the Brodie meter? (225) replacement of worn parts, gaskets, and calibration
describe the calibration process (225) dispense 1k gallons of fuel through the meter and the mastermeter
the liquid control meter uses what type of movement to register the fuel? (224) positive-displacement principle
leakage inside the back of a liquid control meter is caused by a faulty? (224) O-ring
if you changed the Brodie coarse adjustment one position, what change would be made to the register reading? (225) 6 gallons per 1000 gallons
how many hoses does the mastermeter have and where are they connected? (226) 2 hoses; outlet side
what is used to isolate the hose you are not going to use on a mastermeter? (226) flow control valve
how can you insure only 600 gallons will flow through the mastermeter? (226) set the automatic stop at 600 gallons
what is the purpose of using the installed thermometer and a taped thermometer on the pipeline? (226) to ensure the fuel through both meters is the same temp
how often must the mastermeter be calibrated? (226) annually
what type of tank gauge can test a tank for leaks? (227) magnetostrictive probe
a differential pressure gauge installed on a f/s measures the difference between the inlet (228) higher pressure and lower outlet pressure
at a minimum, how often are simple pressure gauges calibrated? (229) annually
how do you remove a magnetostrictive probe? (227) disconnect the wires close to the probe and then pull out of the tank
what is the primary pneumatic tank gauge used by the AF? (227) Barton 3500
what does a pneumatic probe measure? (227) fuel height or depth, temp, and density
what are the different types of gauges found in the fuel system? (228) high-pressure, low-pressure or differential pressure, and pressure-vacuum gauges
how are the pressure gauges tested? (228) by use of a deadweight or hydraulic-gauge tester
what does PMEL stand for? (228) precision measurement equipment lab
how will you know what gauges are required to be sent into PMEL? (228) from a listing sent out by PMEL monthly
what maintenance is required on gauges? (229) cleaning gauge glass, removing moisture, calibration, and leak check
why do you center the vernier valve? (229) to allow for maximum fine pressure adjustment
what is the purpose of the offset tube? (229) to give clearance between the master and system gauges
what should you use a needle puller to remove a gauge needle? (229) pulling or prying the needle may damage the gauge linkage
why would you be unable to re-calibrate a gauge? (229) bent bourdon tube or damaged mechanical linkage
Created by: Scottydick
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