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Fuels Vol. 2 Unit 2

Filtration Equipment

what are the 3 basic types of filter/separators used by the AF? (217) MILSPEC horizontal, MILSPEC vertical, API 1581
the function and purpose of the MILSPEC horizontal and vertical f/s's is to (217) remove solids and water from the fuel
when the float in a vertical f/s rises to the top position, what happens? (217) fuel discharge valve closes
which f/s is fabricated from aluminum or carbon steel and is internally coated w/ epoxy? (218) API 1581
f/s's must be equipped with what two components to operate properly? (218) air eliminators and pressure reliefs
what plate is used to hold the coalescers and separators in position and support them firmly against vibrations? (218) spider plate
what are the 3 major components of water drain valves that may be installed w/ f/s's? (219) pilot valve assembly, water drain valve, and auxiliary hytrol control valve
what is the most widely used fuel discharge valve with a quick shutoff and flow control? (219) 40AF-2A fuel discharge valve
on the 40AF-2A, what is used to create a differential pressure? (219) orifice plate
on the 40AF-2A, what is pressure control and is either OPEN or CLOSED? (219) powertrol
on the 40AF-2A, what control uses the differential pressure by the orifice place to control the flow of fuel through the control tubing? (219) CDHS-2
on the 40AF-2A, what control is used to stop all flow of fuel in the control tubing when there is excessive water in the f/s? (219) auxiliary hytrol
what fuel discharge valve has combined the powertrol valve, hytrol, and ejector into one component? (219) 40AF-2C fuel discharge valve
what is the name of the component on the 40AF-2C that has combined the powertrol valve, hytrol, and ejector into one? (219) 3-way hytrol 1/8 orifice
pressure reliefs on f/s's must be set to what percent above system deadhead pressure? (220) 10% above system deadhead pressure
do not touch the coalescer elements w/ what? (220) bare hands
all horizontal f/s's should be equipped w/ what two components to provide for initial gravity-filling through the bottom connection and will allow the liquid levels in the two vessels to equalize? (220) 3/4" ball valves and quick disconnect hose fittings
how does fuel pass through the filter cartridges? (217) from inside to outside
what happens to the water that is removed from the fuel? (217) discharged by the water drain valve
explain the effects of the fuel discharge valve when the pilot valve assembly float rises? (217) as the float reaches the top position, the fuel discharge valve closes
which component will aid you in determining the water level in the MILSPEC f/s? (217) sight gauge
where does the water collect in a vertical f/s? (217) on top of the baffle plate
what occurs when the float reaches the MIDDLE position on f/s receiving from barges? (217) the automatic water drain valve opens and discharges the water
what is the size of the API 1581 inlet and outlet lines? (218) 6" normal pipe size
what type differential pressure gauge is installed on an API 1581 f/s? (218) a direct-reading, piston type that measures the differential pressure across both coalescers and separators
what is the minimum capacity of the API 1581 coalescers and separators? (218) coalscers - 2.27 GPM per inch of length, separators - 8.33 GPM per inch of length
what component protects the inlet supply tubing on a water drain system? (219) a strainer
after changing elements in the f/s, whom must you notify? (220) base fuels management office (FSC)
after changing the f/s, what info must your record on the f/s vessel? (220) next change date and max allowable diff pressure
what is the probable cause if the 40AF-2A fuel discharge valve fails to open? (220) by water in the f/s sump, by a defective diaphragm in the main valve or hytrol, or by the powertrol being stuck open
what is the probable cause if the 40AF-2C fuel discharge valve fails to close w/ water in the separator? (220) the flanged float control is defective
what is the probable cause if the fuel discharge valve fails to maintain the proper rate of flow? (220 a defective CDHS-2 diaphragm, clogged sensing lines, or an out of adjustment condition on the differential control
what are the 3 sizes of mesh screens used in fuel systems? (221) 100-mesh, 60-mesh, and 7-mesh
what are the 3 types of strainers used? (221) Y type, cylindrical type, and the basket type
strainers equipped w/ DP gauges must be cleaned when the DP reaches what psi? (221) 10 psi
what inspections are required on strainers? (221) for rust, corrosion , leaks, and damage or contamination by microorganisms
when the water drain valve is removed from the f/s, where is the control tubing that once went to the water drain cover chamber rerouted? (219) downstream of the fuel discharge valve
how are the coalescers mounted on the API 1581 f/s? (218) coalescers at the bottom and separators at the top
what will change positions and to what valve will pressure be directed when the float of the pilot valve assembly is in the TOP position? (217) rotary disc; fuel discharge valve
when the float in a f/s is in the top position, to what component is pressure applied to close 40AF-2C? (219) three-way control valve
when removing the KMU-416/F modification kit w/ 9 additional elements, how many elements must you remove from the front side to balance the manifold? (220) 6 elements
when gravity filling a horizontal f/s from another horizontal f/s, how many minutes must you wait for the two f/s to equalize? (220) 10 minutes
if the 40AF-2A, fuel discharge valve, fails to open, what should you check first? (220) main valve diaphragm
what type of strainer is normally used as a line strainer in a pipeline? (221) cylindrical type
Created by: Scottydick
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