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Fuels Vol. 2 Unit 1

Tank Construction, Tank Entry and Fuel Support Equipment

what determines the different types and quantities of fuel products required on location of an installation? (201) mission
normal criteria fuel requirement and primary ports criteria supply (201) 10 days and 15 days
who determines the type, size and quantity of fuel tank needed based on the mission reqs of a base? (201) Defense Energy Support Center (DESC)
capacity of largest tank will not exceed 100k barrels w/o approval by (201) HQ USAF
what tank type has variations such as floating roof, cone roof, and cone roof w/ floating pan (201) vertical AST
tank external components are inspected how often (201) monthly
double-wall tanks have what between the walls that must be checked manually or electrically for leaks (201) interstitial space
manways will be at least what diameter on tanks (201) 36 inches
the manual valve on inlet and outlet lines will be _. why? (201) double block and bleed plug valve. insures positive blocking for the fuel during pipeline pressure testing and tank cleaning
current floor design for vertical ASTs and cut and cover tank floors are sloped __ percent from the outer edge towards a single center sump for positive drainage and self-cleaning action (201) 5%
current floor designs for horizontal ASTs and USTs have a slope of __ percent and are coated with __ to prevent rust (201) 1%, epoxy
vertical AST and cut and cover tanks have a single sump in the __. horizontal AST and UST sumps will be located at __ (201) center, one end of the tank
water draw-off lines are usually what size and terminates inside the tank how far from the bottom of the sump (201) 3/4", 1/2"
product recovery system tanks are horizontal tanks of what size (201) 4000 gallons or less
product recovery systems should be inspected (201) monthly
vertical AST PRTs includes a what size tank thats connected to the ASTs water draw-off line (201) 55 or 100 gallon stainless steel
most common automatic tank gauging system used by the AF is a what that uses nitrogen filled bottles piped to liquid level sensors to gauge the fuel levels in any type or size tank (201) electronic system
what metallic material is now the standard for grounds and bonds (201) galvanized steel
all static grounds will have a resistance of less than how many ohms (201) 10k
vent used for the cone roof storage tank is of what kind (201) pressure/vacuum vent
what is also known as an automatic float gauge and consists of a gauge head & counter window, a float, two guide wires attached to roof and floor and a thin cable attached (201) liquid level gauge
what is used to remove any fuel left in the tank after pumps have broken suction at the outlet line and is located at a lower level than the outlet line, but higher level than water draw-off (201) fuel drain-off lines
what tank type is also known as the all-weather tank (202) cone roof w/ floating pan
tank type is the most common design for bulk storage tanks and aboveground IOSTs for jet fuels in the continental US (CONUS) cone roof w/ floating pan
a gauge well consists of an __ inch pipe connected to a __ __ that will be welded to the tank bottom and represents the official bottom of the tank 8", datum plate
product withdraw outlet line is sized according to the size of the __ __ used and extends inside the tank, terminating in a vertical position __ inches above top of sump (202) refueling pumps, 6"
the stripping line is a __ inch line used to pump the tnak douwn below the product withdrawal line termination level and terminates __ inches from the bottom of the sump 3", 4"
what line used to fill the tank w/ fuel extends inside the tank 3 feet, turns 60*, flares out, and terminates at a max height of 4" from tank bottom tank fill line
in what hemisphere does the fill line turn to the right to causes the fuel to rotate in a counterclockwise motion and why? (202) northern hemisphere, use the coriolis force to aid cleaning the tank
in what hemisphere does the fill line turn to the left to cause the fuel to rotate in a clock-wise motion (202) southern hemisphere
a hydraulically operated automatic valve controlled by the float assembly located on tank exterior (202) high-level shutoff
what alarm is located just before the high-level shutoff level (202) high-level alarm
alarm located above the high-level shutoff valve and is controlled electrically by a float assembly (202) high-high level alarm
when fuel in the tank reaches what height from the bottom of the tank will the low-level shutoff alarm sound? (202) 27"
what rests on the fuel and eliminates the vapor space above the fuel (202) floating pan
floating pan low position during the day for issuing and receiving fuel is set at what. the high position when entry is required is set at what (202) 3 feet, 6 feet
cables are strung form tank bottom to fixed cone roof to keep floating pan from turning (202) two anti-rotation cables
two types of floating roofs (203) double deck and pontoon roof
what modification has been made to floating roof tanks to cover the top to keep out rain, snow, and debris (203) geodesic dome
floating roof tank type that is the most efficient b/c of insulating air space between the two decks that reduces vaporization of fuel (203) double-deck floating roof
what construction on pontoon floating roofs allow the roof to remain afloat even if the center deck and any two of the pontoon compartments are punctured? (203) bulkheads
horizontal USTs used to issue jet fuel usually __ to __ gallons. horiztonal USTs for ground products such as MOGAS and diesel will not exceed __ (204) 25k to 50k, 25k
jet fuel USTs have what type of pump (204) deep well turbine pumps
most deep well turbine pumps have a small bypass fuel line to bypass nearly __ percent of the fuel when the pump is running against a deadhead (204) 2%
what type are the internal pump bowls used for even distribution of fuel through the pump column in deep well turbine pumps (204) diffuser type
low-level controls shut off the fueling pump motor when the tank is how many inches from the bottom (204) 13 inches
two types of low level control switches on a horizontal UST are (204) mercury tube switch and cam-actuated mircoswitch
a horizontal UST will have a __ inch cleanout line installed at the lowest end of the tank usually next to one of the manways and will extend from the sump to __ inches above ground level (204) 3/4", 12"
two most common high-level shutoff valves on a UST are the __ and __, with the first having a pan-type float assembly and the second using a ball-type float assembly (204) 124AF, 129AF
the 129AF uses a what to assist in venting the cover chamber when the valve opens (204) ejector
tanks w/o an inlet filter separator, micronic filter, or internal coating are inspected every _ years (205) 4
tanks w/ a filter separator or micronic filter on the inlet OR internal coating are inspected every _ years (205) 6
tank w/ a filter separator or micronic filer on the inlet AND internal coating are inspected every _ years (205) 8
API 653 "out of service" inspection on aboveground tanks are inspected every _ years (205) 10
tanks used for storage of above ground products such as MOGAS and diesel should be inspected for leaks, corrosion, etc. and/or cleaned by the __ __ office. exterior of aboveground tanks inspected __ (205) fuels management office, monthly
an uneven settlement of __ to _ inches is usually enough to cause the tank shell to go out of round. this causes a floating roof tank top to become _ in shape (205) 3" to 5", elliptical (oval)
should a roof "hang up" when emptying a tank, immediately start doing what (205) pumping fuel back into the tank
identification of petroleum products in each storage tank and piping system is provided by MIL-STD _? (205) 161G
_ band for AVGAS, _ bands for MOGAS, _ bands for jet fuel, and _ bands for diesel (205) 1, 2, 3, 4
a dike is built to provide the volumetric capacity and height to hold __ percent of tank maximum fuel capacity (205) 110%
the purpose of what valve in the event of a cone roof tank fire, will spring-load close the valve, isolating the fuel in the pipeline. at what temp will it melt? (206) fuse-link valve. 160*F
the pressure relief valve is adjusted to open when pressure in the pipeline caused by thermal expansion increases to _ percent above system deadhead pressure (206) 10%
turn the adjusting screw on the pressure relief valve __ to increase the pressure and __ to decrease it (206) clockwise, counterclockwise
the adjustment of a liquid level gauge is done at the __ (206) float
the DOWN position of the roof supports are lowered to approx _ feet above the floor and the UP position raises the supports approx _ feet from the floor (207) 6 feet (cleaning), 3 feet (tank filling)
the number of roof supports necessary depends on the __ of the roof (207) diameter
floating roof storage tanks use two types of vents (207) automatic bleeder vent and a rim vent
what floating roof storage tank vent relieves slugs of air or vapor entering the tank through the fill line (207) rim vent
what floating roof storage tank vent allow the tank to breath as long as it is empty and has UP and DOWN positions (207) automatic bleeder vent
how often do you check the roof drain system for water accumulation (207) daily
what are on each side of the swing joint that keeps fuel from entering the drain line in a roof drain system of a floating roof storage tank (207) flange gaskets and asbestos ring packing
if a swing joint is leaking, adjust the (207) packing
in extremely cold climates, fill the roof drain lines with an approved (207) antifreeze (half and half water)
a fabric roof seal on a floating roof tank consists of a metallic sealing w/ vertical flexures spaced about _ inches apart (207) 22"
inspect and clean the fabric seal how often (207) monthly
once the prescribed shut-off height is reached for the high-level valve does not close, trouble shoot the _ and the _/_ assembly valve, float chamber/rotary disc assembly
inspect the liquidometer of an underground tank for condition, accuracy and function how often annually
before the _ _ of a liquidometer is unthreaded, you must first electrically isolate the low-level control and disconnect the linkage from the liquidometer to the low-level control gauge head
normally what type storage tank is used for storing 25k gallons of MOGAS (201) vertical AST
type of aboveground tank primarily used to store jet fuel and fuels w/ flash points less than 100*F (202) cone roof w/ floating pan
whats purpose is to allow you to use the permanently installed refueling pump to pump the tank down to the stripping line termination level (202) 3 inch stripping line tee
what prevents solid particles of sludge from entering the pump and damaging moving parts inside the pump column of a deepwell turbine pump (204) wire screen
whats purpose is to keep the motor and pump from running in reverse (204) motor's built-in ratchet assembly
whats purpose on a UST is to indicate the amount of liquid in the tank in either gallons or one quarter tank increments ranging from empty to full (204) liquidometer
how often do you check the interstitial space of a UST (205) monthly
how often do you check the bottom of an aboveground vertical tank for leaks (205) monthly
type valve used as a dike drain valve (205) lock-type gate valve
the amount of pressure or vacuum it takes to lift the what is determined by (206) by the weight of each pallet
when using a tape and bob to gauge a tank, the tape must remain in contact with what to prevent sparks (206) top edge of the gauge pipe
it takes two people to raise a roof support b/c one person has to position the _ and another has to insert the _ _. (207) support, guide pin
for ease of operation, coat the roof support legs and guide pins in _. (207) grease
during freezing weather, watch the rim vent on a floating roof tank closely to prevent it from (207) freezing closed
before you can repair joints of the roof drain line, you must first (207) drain and vapor-free the tank
during freezing weather, to protect the fabric seal, you must do what (207) keep it free of ice
tank cleaning process steps can be found in (209) UFC 3-460-03
notification to MAJCOM fuels engineer must be given a minimum of how many days before the proposed entry date (209) 15 workdays
the base ground safety (SEG), base fire dept (CEF), and bioenvironmental engineer (BEE) comprise the (209) Confined Space Program Team (CSPT)
during an in-house cleaning who is directly responsible (209) tank entry supervisor (TES)
the MAJCOM rep should immediately notify who if there is any safety related violations or noncompliance on the part of the contractor (209) contracting officer
toxic hazards to which cleaning personnel are exposed to are (210) leaded compounds, benzene, and oxygen deficiency
what are required throughout the tank cleaning process due to unpredictable air contamination? (210) supplied air respirator (SAR)
no one will initially enter a fuel tank until it has been properly ventilated as close _ percent but no higher than _ percent of the LEL (210) 0%, 10%
vapor readings inside of a tank should be taken continuously and recorded every _ minutes while workers are in the tank (210) 15 minutes
before authorization of tank entry, oxygen levels must be between (210) 19.5% and 23.5%
what is the standard to reference for confined spaces? (210) AFOSH Std 91-25
what are the only type respirators used by the AF for petroleum tank-cleaning operations? (211) "C"
a communication system must be provided and used when cleaning a UST larger than __ gallons, or when manhole accesses are deeper than __ feet from ground level (211) 50k, 10 feet
the length of hose or air line for each mask must not exceed the NIOSH approved length of __ feet unless approved by the BEE (211) 300 feet
inspect each safety harness before using it to make sure the maximum usage does NOT exceed _ years from the date on the harness. inspect safety harnesses how often (211) 10 years, every 6 months
never permit a vertical fall of more than _ feet or contact w/ the lower level (211) 6 feet
a tie-off point must have a capacity of how many pounds (211) 5k pounds
what is the tank inspection summary form number (212) AF Form 172
when returning a clean tank to service, use new _ when re-attaching pipeline components and manway covers (212) gaskets
who is responsible for removing fuel from the tank to the lowest point possible through the installed pumps (209) base fuels management office (POL)
what is used to determine the vapor concentration in a given area? (210) combustible gas or vapor indicator
which fuels contain benzene? (210) all fuels contain benzene
where is all the equipment used in a tank cleaning operation located? (210) upwind
what items are forbidden and must not be carried by cleaning personnel (210) matches and lighters
what are the primary means of rescue during a tank cleaning? (210) self-rescue, fire dept, and organizational rescue team
how many members of the rescue team should be CPR certified? (210) all members of rescue team
who is responsible for ensuring that PPE is provided, used and maintained? (211) supervisor
electrical equipment and conductors within 50 ft of fuel pipes of tanks are of what type (211) Class I, Div. 1, Group D w/ max temp ratings of 419*F
what is the service life of life-lines? (211) 5 years
weather condition causes immediate halt of tank cleaning operations (212) lightning within 5 miles
during initial cleaning, at what vapor reading must you temporarily suspend washing down the tank? (212) 20 percent LEL or higher
after sludge has been removed, what part of the tank should be scraped to remove rust and scale? (212) bottom of the tank and 3 feet up the sides
who will direct the disposal of fuel-water-sludge mixture from a tank cleaning? (212) BCE environmental coordinator
in a floating roof tank, where would you store the drain line? (213) inside the tank
what size lumber would you use to support a floating roof to prevent damage? (213) 4 x 4
a positive mechanical means of ventilation should be provided for all below-grade pits w/ installed pumps or pits of more than _ feet deep (214) 6 feet
the operating and storage temperature for the PGM-50 MultiRAE vapor indicator is __ to __ degrees C (214) -20 to 45
what air compressor is most commonly used in WFM shops (215) MC-7 air compressor
how many parts per million of fuel vapors in air can produce a stage of excitement when inhaled? (214) 500 ppm
what 3 locations will you use a vapor indicator? (214) in and around fuel separators, inside pits and tanks
where may a vapor indicator be recharged? (214) in a non-hazardous area
what is the voltage the MultiRAE PGM-50 vapor indicator will display when you have approximately 15 minutes before the unit shuts off? (214) 4.4 volts
a "bump test" for the MultiRAE PGM-50 vapor indicator will do what to the unit? (214) verify the calibration of the indicator
what T.O. covers operation and maintenance of the MC-7 air compressor? (215) TO 34Y1-244-1
what fluid levels do you check before moving the MC-7 air compressor? (215) coolant, fuel, oil and battery levels
what is the purpose of the restriction indicator? (215) to indicate when the air cleaner element is dirty
what position are the side doors of the MC-7 air compressor while the compressor is running? (215) down
what does the NFPA require all electrical equipment and wiring in hazardous locations? (216) must be totally enclosed and explosion-proof
dimensions of the Class I, Div II hazardous area for an automotive service station island? (216) 18" high and 20' out from the dispenser
differences between explosion-proof and vapor-proof fittings? (216) vapor-proof fitting add gaskets and seals to all mating surfaces, plugs, and switch arms
what is co-located near a fuels facility in case there is a power outage? (216) an emergency generator
how would you ground components in a pumphouse for underground tanks? (216) directly to the underground tank w/ a ground cable
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