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Fuels Vol. 1 Unit 4

Electrical Fundamentals and Circuit Testing

what is the outermost shell of an atom called and what are the electrons there callled valence shell and valence electrons
what is a substance that permits a large number of free electrons to move through it conductor
what is a substance that has few free electrons insulator
what is the uniform movement of electrons in a specific direction through a conductor electric current
the unit of measure for current flow is ampere (amp)
what is used to measure amps or current flow an ammeter, or a multimeter
what are the four effects of electrons flowing through an electric circuit heat, chemical change, magnetism, and physical shock
what is the force that moves the electrons from one atom to another volatage (volt)
instrument used to measure voltage is voltmeter
a device for producing a voltage by chemical reaction battery
produces voltage by changing mechanical energy to electrical energy generator
two different metals joined together that are heated and allow heat energy to be changed into electrical energy and produces current flow thermocouple
generate electricity when photons reach a semiconducting material solar cell
the compression or decompression of certain substances in their __ form generates voltage crystallized
opposition to current flow that is offered by a material is called resistance
1 volt of pressure pushes 1 ampere of current flow through an electrical path, then 1 __ of resistance is present ohm
5 factors that affect resistance conductor length, conductor size, conductor material, temperature, reactance
what reactance generated by the magnetic field of the coils causes the current to lag behind the voltage inductive
what reactance generated as electricity passes through the plates within the capacitor, causing the current to lead the voltage capacitive
type of magnet composed of a black mineral called iodestone or magnetite natural
man-made magnets artificial or permanent
objects magnetized by being placed in a magnetic field created by an electric current electromagnets
fundamental law of magnets states that like poles __ each other, unlike poles __ each other, and the lines of force do not __ each other repel, attract, cross
3 items that comprise an electromagnet coil of wire, a core material, and current flow in the coil
main difference in DC and AC voltage is the direction of current flow
in what circuit does current move in one direction from the negative terminal of the source, through the circuit, then to the positive terminal DC circuit
what current changes its flow first in one direction and then in the other direction alternating
what type of generator changes mechanical energy to electrical energy by the principle of electromagnetic induction AC generator
an AC generator is a major source of AC voltage. it requires 3 things: magnetic field, conductor, relative motion
the number of times each electrical cycle occurs in 1 second is called frequency (hertz)
the frequency of the AC-generator voltage output depends on the speed of rotation of the __ and the number of pairs of __ rotor, poles
who puts out the standardized symbols used for electrical blueprints and drawings American National Standard Institute (ANSI)
what are used with floor plans to clarify the symbols used on a particular drawing legend
what are used to clarify information shown on the drawings specifications
defined as a line drawing that shows arrangements or relationship of parts diagram
the four types of electrical diagrams block, wiring, connection, and schematic
what diagram is a simple drawing showing the relationship of major parts of a system block diagram
what diagram uses pictures of components instead of blocks and shows the wiring between components and the relative position of those components wiring diagram
diagram that shows the internal and external circuit connections connection digram
drawing that shows the electrical plan of operation of a piece of equipment or component schematic diagram
as little as __ milliamperes can kill you 100
a common multimeter that the AF uses is the Fluke 8025A Multimeter
what term means that you do not have to open the circuit to connect the multimeter between two wires or connections "in parallel"
when checking voltage on a 3-phase motor, if each leg is supposed to have __ volts, a voltage measurement of less than plus or minus __ percent is acceptable 120 volts, 10%
used to check the resistance of a unit or a circuit ohmmeter
a reading of __ ohms across a fuse is indicative of no resistance and a good fuse zero (0)
a reading of __ ohms across a fuse indicates a break in continuity or a bad fuse infinity
before taking a measurement using an ohmmeter, zero the meter by touching the __ and __ test leads together red and black
used to check the current flow of a unit or a circuit ammeter
easiest to use when measuring current flow b/c you do not have to interrupt the circuit to connect the meter "in series" in order to take the current readings clamp-on type ammeter
worn out motor bearings due to improper lubrication, pump bearings going bad or a flow restriction, a change in load for which it was intended, and potential motor winding problems are all causes of what abnormal motor amperage
formula for determining current is voltage/resistance
Created by: Scottydick
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