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Fuels Vol. 1 Unit 3

Mechanics and Hydraulics

which of newton's laws states that a body continues in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless an unbalanced force acts up it? first law - the law of intertia
which of newton's laws states that the acceleration of a body is directly proportional to the force exerted on the body, is inversely proportional to the mass of the body, and is in the same direction of the force? second law - the law of proportionality
which of newton's laws states that whenever one body exerts a force upon a second body, the second body exerts an equal and opposite force upon the first? third law - the law of action and reaction
formula for mechanical advantage resistance/effort
how many classes of levers are there? 3
formula for determining mechanical advantage of a crank and axle radius of the crank/radius of the axle
what may be used to obtain different degrees of mechanical advantage or to change the direction of effort being applied? the pulley
formula for determining the mechanical advantage of a series of pulleys weight/number of pulleys
formula for determining mechanical advantage of an inclined plane length of plane/height of plane
formula for determining mechanical advantage of a screw distance between the threads of the screw and the length of the handle turning the screw
what is the process of overcoming resistance and how is it measured? work, W = F x D
what is the speed or rate of doing work and what is its formula? power, power = work/time
equipment such as saws, grinders, and pumps are often driven by a solid shaft connected to the driving source (motor) direct drive
air-conditioner fans, ventilator fans, air compressors, and refrigeration units are examples what type of machines or equipment belt drive
the small gear is the driver, and the larger gear is the driven gear gear drives
a drive that has a sealed chamber containing two turbine fans facing each other fluid drives
what is the resistance that opposes every effort to slide or roll one body over another? friction
all substances are made up of __ molecules
molecules that have more attraction than others offer a resistance to flow called viscosity
what principle states that the pressure applied to a confined liquid is transmitted equally and undiminished in all directions throughout the vessel, regardless of the shape or size of the vessel? Pascal's principle
liquids at rest are said to be static
formula for determining the pressure in psi exerted by any liquid at any depth depth (ft) x .433 psi/ft x specific gravity
what is the lifting force of a liquid upon a body immersed in it/ buoyancy
what can be used to control the level of liquids in reservoirs or tank by using mechanical linkage to control the opening and closing of automatic valves? floats
what is the term for two liquids that are incapable of being mixed? immiscible
what refers to the quantity of liquid that passes a given point in a system in a unit of time? volume of flow
what refers to the rate of speed of the liquid flowing? velocity of flow
flowing liquid tends to flow in a __ streamline manner in large diameter pipes and at low velocities laminar flow
when flow increases and/or pipe diameters become smaller, the liquid particles tend to tumble and jostle each other and flow becomes __ turbulent
when flushing a system you want maximum velocity to be 20-30 fps
what term defines the property which is possessed by all forms of matter and that makes the matter resist being moved if it is at rest inertia
what are the 5 physical factors that act upon a liquid and affect its behavior gravity, atmospheric pressure, specific applied forces, inertia, and friction
which 3 physical factors apply equally to liquids at rest or in motion, and which 2 apply only to liquids in motion? gravity, atmospheric pressure, & applied forces. inertia & friction
which principles states "as the velocity of a moving fluid increases, its kinetic energy increases and consequently, the pressure it exerts must correspondingly decrease" Bernoulli's principle
what can create two different pressures to control fuel flow through an automatic valve? orifice plate
the automatic valve employs a __ __ and a __ __ instead of pistons for its operation flexible diaphragm and rigid disc
what do auto valves have on the control loops that allows the auto valve to open and to close pilot valves
what is the term used to define water-hammer pressure, known as a series of shocks produced by suddenly stopping or reducing the liquid flow hydraulic shock
Created by: Scottydick
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