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Fuels Vol. 1 Unit 2

Fuels Specific Pubs, Projects & Support Agencies, Fuels-Related Env. Compliances

Most standard and some technical air force publications may be found on the Air Force e-publishing website under the Electronic Publications tab
type of publication that contains technical information on assembly, installation, operation, service, overhaul, or parts identification commercial technical publications
type of commercial publication that may be specialized instructions, standards, and codes that are not placed in the AF publication system information-based commercial publication
API publishes commercial standards and recommend practices for the petroleum industry for construction, inspection, and repair of petro/chemical projects and systems
what NEC National Fire Protection Association publication number is a commercial publication containing the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment used in fuel systems? publication 70
what publication such as AFIs, AFOSH STDs, and UFCs give you specific guidance to organize, prepare, execute and document particular programs and actions? standard publications
whose mission is to fund the military construction and maintenance, repair, and environmental compliance requirements of petroleum facilities that store and/or distribute defense logistics agency-owned fuel? Defense Energy Support Center (DESC)
DESC sends out a data call in early __ requesting candidate projects and supporting documention to be submitted for funding October
the primary criterion that must be met by all approved projects/requirements is that they are for facilities that store and/or distribute what? fuel owned by the DLA
what is the air force point of contact for fuel requirements, inventory management, and air force fuel quality control? Air Force Petroleum Office (AFPET)
who do you voice your concerns to about work regarding a contractor? contract monitor
what do you and the contract monitor perform once the contractor has completed his work? acceptance inspection
what is the collection of the general permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal Gov't? Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
the CFR is divided into how many titles? 50 titles
what do each of these titles concern: title 29, title 40, and title 49? 29-labor, 40-protection of environment, 49-transportation
what is the section in charge of the environmental protection mission of the base and our information resource when dealing with hazardous substances that can affect the environment? civil engineering environmental flight (CEV)
what major compliance includes categories such as air emission mgmt, hazardous materials mgmt, hazardous waste mgmt, natural and cultural resource mgmt, and noise mgmt? AFI 32-7045, Environmental Compliance Assessment and Management Program (ECAMP)
what is the program used by civil engineering environmental flight (CEV) to track findings from environmental inspections during ECAMP? environmental management system (EMS)
what class of fuel meets the original production spec and can be returned and used in the system from which it came? reclaimed product
what class of fuel does not meet the original spec and cannot be used in the system from which it came? recoverable product
what class of fuel is considered a waste product and must be put in a waste fuel tank or in a DOT or UN approved container to be transported off base? waste product
what are generally concrete vaults that allow the residual fuel to remain on top of the water, while the water at the bottom is allowed to drain to the sanitary sewer and houses contaminated or waste water? oil/water separator
dried or wet sludge is disposed of in what? drums
Created by: Scottydick
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