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English 4

English 4 Grading Period 3

1 Advocate to support; to promote
1 Antipathy a strong dislike; hatred
1 Emancipate to set free
1 Idiosyncrasy quirk; a personal habit
1 Imminent about to happen; likely to occur soon
1 Impede to delay; get in the way; to slow down
1 Inclusive complete; including much or everything
1 Jurisdiction control; power; range of authority
1 Precarious unsafe; dangerous; risky
1 Preposterous ridiculous; absurd; contrary to nature or reason and thus laughable
2 Austere very plain; without decoration or luxury
2 Esoteric intended to be understood by only a certain group; difficult to understand
2 Facsimile an exact copy or reproduction
2 Grotesque strange looking; distorted in shape, appearance or manner
2 Mesmerize to fascinate; hold spellbound
2 Metamorphosis a change in form; transformation
2 Notorious regarded negatively; having a bad reputation
2 Perfunctory done only as a routine with little care or interest
2 Provocative attention getting; tending to arouse interest or curiosity
2 Travesty a mockery; a crude, exaggerated, or ridiculous representation
3 Connoisseur an authority; an expert in fine art or in matters of taste
3 Conspiracy a plot; a secret plan by two or more people especially for a harmful or illegal purpose
3 Contrite sorry; repentant
3 Distraught upset; very troubled; distressed
3 Germane related; relevant; having to do with the issue at hand
3 Lucid easily understood; clearly expressed
3 Plight a situation marked by difficulty, hardship or misfortune
3 Superficially in an on-the-surface manner; not thoroughly; slightly
3 Symmetrical balanced; the same on both sides
3 Verbose wordy; using or containing too many words
4 Adept highly skilled; expert
4 Encompass to include; contain
4 Entrepreneur a business investor; a person who takes the risks of a business undertaking
4 Eradicate to erase; wipe out
4 Homogeneous the same throughout; made up of similar or identical parts
4 Presumptuous too forward or bold; overly confident
4 Sordid morally low; corrupt; indecent; ugly
4 Standardize to make consistent or the same; cause to conform to a model
4 Stint a length of time; a specific period of work or service
4 Stringent strict; demanding; severe; highly controlled or enforced
5 Exhort to urge; to plead earnestly; to urge with argument or strong advice
5 Flamboyant flashy; very showy; strikingly bold
5 Foible minor fault; a minor weakness or character flaw
5 Innocuous harmless; inoffensive; without bad effects
5 Magnanimous forgiving; noble in mind and spirit
5 Masochist a person who gains satisfaction from suffering physical or psychological pain
5 Meticulous showing great attention to details; very careful
5 Rancor intense hatred or ill will; long-lasting resentment
5 Recrimination an accusation made in response to an accuser; countercharge
5 Repugnant disgusting; offensive; distasteful; repulsive
6 Chide to criticize; to scold mildly
6 Coalition a partnership; a union of individuals, groups, or nations for some specific purpose
6 Commensurate equal to; corresponding in degree, number, or size; in proportion
6 Connotation a suggested meaning; additional meaning to a word's dictionary meaning
6 Diabolic very cruel; wicked; demonic; devilish
6 Dilapidated run-down; broken down; in need of repair
6 Integral essential; necessary to the whole
6 Noxious unhealthy; poisonous; harmful
6 Scenario a sequence of events that is imagined, assumed, or suggested; an outline of possible events
6 Yen a longing; a strong desire; craving
7 Atrophy to waste away; to wear down, lose strength, or become weak from disuse, disease or injury
7 Deplore to condemn; to feel or express disapproval of
7 Deprivation a deficiency; lack or shortage of basic necessities
7 Exacerbate to make worse; to aggravate (a situation or condition)
7 Imperative necessary; essential; urgent
7 Mitigate to relieve; to make less severe or less intense
7 Objective not influenced by emotion or personal prejudice; based only on what can be observed; fair
7 Panacea something supposed to cure all diseases; cure-all; a complete solution
7 Unprecedented unheard-of; being the first instance of something
7 Utilitarian made or intended for practical use; stressing usefulness over beauty or other considerations
8 Decorum proper conduct; correctness in behavior and manners
8 Espouse to support; to speak or argue for
8 Exhilaration happiness; cheerfulness; high spirits
8 Exorbitant excessive in amount, cost, or price; extremely high; beyond what is reasonable or appropriate
8 Extricate to free from a tangled situation or a difficulty
8 Facilitate to make easier to do or to get; to make possible
8 Orthodox following established, traditional rules or beliefs, especially in religion; traditional
8 Rejuvenate to make something seem fresh or new again; to make someone feel or seem young again
8 Synchronize to coordinate; to cause to occur at exactly the same time; to cause clocks and watches to agree in time
8 Tenuous shaky; having little substance or basis; weak; poorly supported
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