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Last set of hot words for the SAT.

Discrepancy (dis-kreh-pun-see) n. a difference or inconsistency
Eclectic (eh-klek-tik) adj. taken from many different sources
Excerpt (ek-surpt) b. a portion of a text or musical piece that is taken, or extracted from the whole
Glacial (glay-shul) adj very cold or very slow moving (in both cases, like a glacier)
Insuperable (in-soo-pruh-bul) adj. unable to be overcome
Lithe (lithe) adj. nimble and flexible; agile; supple
Misanthrope (mih-sn-thrope) n. someone who dislikes all people
Pitfall (pit-fawl) n. an unseen danger, risk, or drawback
Raze (rayz) vb. to tear down; to destory
Replete (rih-pleet) adj. fulled-up; overflowing
Respite (res-put) n. period of inactivity a lill; a reprieve
Spurious (spyoor-ee-us) adj. false; counterfeit; lacking logic; specious
Vaporize (vay-ppuh-rize) vb. to turn to vapor, or mist
Aplomb (uh-plahm) n. social poise; composure; skill in challenging situation
Axiom (ak-see-um) n. a true or wise saying; a maxim
Capricious (kuh-prih-shus) adj. changeable ; fickle; volatile; mercurial (n. caprice, a whim of fancy)
Cavalier (ka-vuh-leer) adj, arrogant; showing a lack of respect toward someone or something
Compunction (kum- pung-shun) n. a feeling of remorse for doing something wrong; regret; shame
Diffident (dih-fuh-dunt) adj. lacking confidence in oneself; inclined to be shy
Dilettante (dih-luh-tahnt) n. one who dabbles in the arts and science but is an expert in neither
Egalitarian (ih-hal-ih-tair-ee-un) adj. pertaining to equal political , social, and economical rights for all mankind
Heretic (hehr-uh-tik) n. one who challenges societal and religious tradition; iconoclast
Idiosyncratic (ih-dee-oh-sin-krah-tik) adj. of or relating to strange or odd behavioral habits that are peculiar to the individual
Insurgent (in-sur-junt) n. a rebel; one who revolts against a government or political party; maverick, adj. rebellious
Irrefutable (ih-reh-fyoo-tuh-bul) adj. unable to be argued against; indisputable
Melancholy (meh-lun-kah-lee) adj. feeling of sadness and gloomieness
Mimetic (muh-meh-tik) adj. pertaining to imitation or mimicry, biological or otherwise
Palpable (pal-puh-bul) adj. able to be touched or felt; tangible; material
Pedantic (puh-dan-tik) adj. showy in ones learning; overly instructive
Portentous (por-ten-tus) adj. very meaningful with regard to events to come; ominous; foreshadowing
Sardonic (sar-da-hn-ik) adj. scornful or bitter, sarcastic
Variegated (vair-ee-gay-tud) adj. having different patterns, colors, or appearance; dapple
Viable (vie-uh-bul) adj. able to sustain life, practicality, or effectiveness
Anecdote (a-nik-dote) n. a short autobiographical account or snippet
Catharsis (kuh-thar-sus) n. an emotional cleansing or release or emotional tensions, fears, or pity
Euphemism (yoo-fuh-mih-zum) n. a more pleasant word or phrase that replaces another that is too direct distasteful, or offensive
Hyperbole (high-pur-buh-lee) n. an exaggeration used to create an effect
Irony (eye-ruh-nee) n. an unexpected out come or unanticipated twist of events presented in literature and in life
Metaphor (met-tuh-for) n. a figurative device in which a direct comparison is made, without using like or as
Oxymoron (ahk-see-mor-ahn) n. contradictory terms, appearing side by side used for rhetorical effect
Parable (pa-ruh-bul) n. a brief story, told or written in order to teach a moral lesson
Parody (pa-ruh-dee) n. a work that imitates the style of another literary work; may be mocking or amusing; short, humorous parodies can be called spoofs
Pathos (pay-thohs) n, the quality of a piece of writing that evokes pity, sympathy, or some other strong emotional response in the reader
Prose (proze) n. writing that is not poetry or rhyming verse
Satire (sa-tire) n. a literary work, often humorous, intended to ridicule the public figures, behaviours, or political situations presented or alluded to in the work
Vignette (vin-yet) n. a brief descriptive passage in writing
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