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Seventh set of 50 hot words for the SAT.

Allusion (uh-loo-zhun) n. an indirect reference, often to a character of theme found in some word of literature
Illusion (ih-loo-zhun) n. something unreal that gives the appearance of being real; a misconception
Imprudent (im-pyuh-dunt) adj. careless; rash
Impudent (im-pyuh-dent) adj. rude; disrespectful
Indigenous (in-dih-juh-nus) adj.native; originating in a specific country or region
Indigent (in-dih-junt) adj. poor; impoverished; needy
Indigant (in-dih-nunt) adj. angry;resentful
Intimate (un-tuh-mate) to suggest; to hint at
Intimidate (in-tim-i-date) vb. to frighten; to coerce into action
Obscure (ahb-skyoor) adj. hard to understand; abstract
Obtuse (ahb-toos) adj. stupid; not clear or precise
Ponderable (pahn-duh-ruh-bul) adj. important enough to require a lot of thought
Ponderous (pahn-duh-rus) adj. very heavy or bulky; dull or lifeless
Abridge (uh-bridj) vb. shorten
Accessible (ik-seh-suh-bul) adj, available; ready for use
Antidote (an-tih-dote) b, something that relieves or prevents; a remedy that counteracts the effects of poison
Aspire (uh-spire) vb. to work toward or to have a goal
Autonomous (aw-tah-nuh-mus) adj. independent
Bolster (bole-stur) vb. to support; to strengthen
Candor (kan-dur) n. honesty, sincerity
Cynical (sih-nih-kul) adj. believing that all others are motivated bu self-interest
Fastidious (fa-stih-dee-us) adj.very attentive to detail; fussy; meticulous
Gratify (gra-tuh-fie) vb. to please or indulge
Hamper (ham-pur) vb. to hinder; to prevent something from happening
Hardy (har-dee) adj. healthy and strong; robust
Homogeneous (hoe-muh-jee-nee-us) of the same kind; alike; uniform
Intergrity (in-teh-gruh-tee) n. holding firmly to values, such as honesty; completeness
Intrepid (in-treh-pud) adj. fearless; brave
Linger (ling-gur) vb. to hang around; to stay
Lofty (Lahf-tee) adj. very high; towering; grand or noble
Mock (mahk) vb. to make fun of; to imitate
Nurture (nut-chur) vb. to care for; to nourish
Opportunist (ah-pur-too-nist) n. a person who seeks self-gain, even at the expense of others, without regard to values or moral principles
Proximity (prahk-sih-muh-tee) b. nearness in time, location. relation
Querulous (kwer-yuh-lus) adj. whining; complaining
Recount (rih-kownt) vb. to tell a story
Rigor (rih-hur) n. harshness; severity; strict adherence to standards
Saturate (se-shuh-rate) vb. to wet or soak completely; to totally fill up
Surpass (sur-pas) vb. to be better than; to excel
Tentative (ten-tuh-tiv) adj. hesitant; not definite
Thrive (thrive) vb. to grow strong; to flourish
Tranquillity (tran-kwih-luh-ree) b. peacefulness; calmness
Uniformity (yoo-nuh-for-muh-tee) n. smeness; regularity
Vilify (vih-luh-fie) vb. to slander or defame someone's name or reputation
Whimsical (hwim-zih-kul) adj. fanciful
Aggregate (a-grih-gut) n. a sum total or mixture
Audacious (aw-day-shus) adj. very bold
Aviary (ay-vee-er-ee) n. an enclosed space for birds
Complementary (kahm-pluh-men-tree) adj.serving to complete another
Debunk (dee-bungk) vb. to prove wrong or false
Created by: 0001060378
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