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in general A/C fuel systems are divided into two categories? A/C fuel system and engine fuel system
the U.S. military grades of jet fuel are designated by what letters followed by a number? JP
what codes show compatible fuel standards? North Atlantic Treaty Orginization (NATO)
what is the alternate fuel to JP5 in the Navy and never used on ships? JP-4
JP-4 fuel density is 6.5 ppg. and its flash point is below how many degrees Fahrenheit? 0
What is the Navys primary jet fuel? JP-5
JP-5 is a kerosene-type fuel with a vapor pressure close to how many psi? 0
JP-5 will ignite at about what surface temperature? 140F
JP-8 is available only in what country? Europe
commercial jet fuel A-1 is equal to JP-8, A is equal to JP-5. What commercial fuel is equal to JP-4? Jet B
A/C engine fuels are petroleum products manufactured from crude oil. They are classified as what? Inflammable liquids
What is the temp. at which fuel vapor ignites with an outside heat source? Flah Point
ships require at least a flash point of what temp. for storage and safety reasons. 140 F
what is the amount of heat produced as a result of complete combustion and is expressed in calories or btu? thermal value
internal resistance of liquids that tends to prevent it from flowing? viscosity
A fuel container that automatically seals small holes or damage. Self-sealing cell
maximum concentration of a liquid additive is? 5% beyond this amount the material may be considered a fuel.
self sealing cells has how many primary layers? 4
What is an artificial substitute for crude or natural rubber? buna rubber
the most common type of synthetic rubber? Buna S
Two types of Bladder fuel cells? rubber and nylon
two units of measuring contamination are microns for solids and? Parst per million (PPM) for water.
How many microns are in 1 inch? 400
what type of water in fuel will cause corrosion faster than fresh water? Saline
Specks or granules of sediment indicate particles in the visible size of about how many microns or larger? 40
Course sediment is how many microns or larger in size? 10
What consist of living organism that grow at a fuel/water interface? Microbiological growth
What is the major constituent causing many of the problems associated with biological contamination of jet fuels? Fungus
how many approved methods may you use to purge an aircraft fuel tank/cell? Four
The tank purge method will normally keep the tank/cell safe for personnel for approximately? 10-15 days
Grade 1010 oil, MIL-PRF-6081 is applied to inner liners of fuel cells when they remain empty for more than how many hours? 72
shrunken cells can be restored to original condition by placing the cell in air-circulating oven at a maximum temperature of 120F/49C for about how many hours? 4
What test is the best method of determining if any installed fuel cell has existing leaks? air pressure
External tank pressure regulator maintains what amount of air pressure to each of the external tanks? 15-18 PSI
All Navy fixed wing A/C use pressure feed fuel system. The basic source of this pressure is? enginge driven pump
What prevents large particles from entering the fuel system? Strainer
What regulates and control flow of fuel in an A/C and engine fuel system. valves
What valves control fuel levels in a tank during ground fueling or tranfers to main tank? fuel level control
what are installed in the fuel system wherever fuel flow in one direction is required? check valves
the light weight engine hose assembly is designed for continious operating temps. of? -40 to 300F
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