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male reproductive system

the male gonads or sex cells Testes
tubules producing sperm cells seminiferous tubules
cells producing testosterone interstitual cells
process of sperm formation spermogenesis
number of chromosomes 46
type of cell division forming primary spermatocytes meiosis
type of cell divison forming sperotids meiosis
number of chromosomes in each spermotid 23
cell formed from each sperotid sperm
provides mobility for a sperm prostate gland
tubule were sperm cells mature epididymis
secrete fluid neutraling acidity of urethra prior to ejaculation bulbourethral
secrete fluid containing fructose seminal vesicle
secretes fluid activating swimming movements of sperm cells prostate gland
mixture of glandular secretions and sperm cells semen
contains testes outside the body scrotum
temperture required for testes for production 95.6
male organ that is inserted in the vagina for sexual intercourse penis
erectile tissue in penis surrounding urethra corpus spongiosum
two dorsal columns of erectile tissue in penis corpora cavernosa
sheath of skin covering the glans penis prepuce
sexual stimulation causes the parasympathetic nerve impluses to dialate
during male sexual stimulation what dialates the arterioles
what constricts venules
what gland neutralizes the ph in the urethra bulbourethral
The male sex hormone is testosterone
what secretes the gonadotropin-releasing hormone hypothalamus
what release FSH and LH anterior pituitary
hormone stimulating testosterone secretion by the testes LH
What 2 hormones act together to to stimulate spermatogenesis FSH and LH
stimulates maturation of male sex organs testosterone
stimulates development and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics testosterone
hormone that triggers onset of puberty FSH
hormone stimulating release of FSH and LH GNRH
what are the secondary sex characteristics in males broad shoulders, muscle development, metabolic rate, enlargment of the larynex, growth of body hair, deepening of the voice
produces female sex cells ovaries
recieves penis in sexual intercourse vagina
holds embryo/fetus during a pregnancy uterus
carries secondary oocyte towards the uterus ovary
narrow space between labia minora vestibule
birth canal vagina
what are the gonads the ovaries and testes
what is a gamete a sex cell-either sperm or ova
the seminiferous tubules are lined with what germinal epithelium
what is spermatogenesis process that produces sperm
the outermost cells of a seminiferous tubles are spermatogonia
what are the accessory ducts of the male reproductive system epidiymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct and urethra
accessory glands seminal vesicles, prostate and bulbourethral
whats the function of the testes seminiferous tubules produce sperm and interstitual cells secrete testosterone
function of the epididymis site of sperm maturation, temp storage, carries sperm to vas deferns
function of vas deferns carries sperm to ejaculatory duct
function of ejaculatory duct caries sperm from the seminal vesicle to the urethra
urethra carries semen to the outside body
bulbourethral secretes watery fluid that neatralizes ph in the urethra
seminal vesicle secrete alkiline fluid containing nutrients for sperm
prostate secreates alkiline fluid that activates mobility of sperm
scrotum contains and protects testes
penis sensory nerve endings, inserted into vagina during sexual intercourse.
What is the function of LH promotes growth of interstitual cells of the testes and stimulates the secretion of testosterone
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