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What was the main tribute areas for the mongols? golden horde.
What mongol leader built an empire to its largest expanse? Genghis khan
What did viking raids terrorize? great britian coastline
after the fall of Rome ... all of the following occurred except the migration cities
In medieval Europe... manorialism was the basis for economy and feudalism was the basis of political power
what did the abbasid dynasty prove proved the high point of muslim cultural achievement
manorialism was not characterized by ... manors that were dependent on the merchants for most necessities
what was the major lasting result of the crusades? the establishment of trading contacts between western europe and the mddle east
for the mesoamericans of the aztec peiod ... religion was polytheistic
what was one of the weaknesses of the early roman empire? the failure to resolve questions of succession
hegemony if a government has trade and cultural control of another area
what was the most popular religion in the tang dynasty ? confucianism
achievements of what dynasty did not include rifles ? song dynasty
where were knights known as the samurai? in japan.
compared to korean attitudes toward the chinese... those of the japanese were similar in the desire to become part of the chinese trading system
what muslim controlled the area in europe in the iiberian peninsula? al-andalus
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