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Sequence 5

Terminology Week 3

epidemic An infectious disease that attacks many persons at the same time and the same location
virulent highly pathogenic and disease producing
asepsis A state of being sterile
disinfection killing or rendering inert most but not all pathogenic microorganisms
malaise general feeling of illness without specific signs or symptoms
sanitation maintenance of a healthful, disease free environment
autoclave appliance used to sterilize medical instruments with steam under pressure
morbidity Number of cases of disease in a specific population
approximate bring tissue surfaces as close as possible to their original positions
stricture Narrowing
cautery Destruction of tissue by burning
ligature Length of suture thread without a needle
volatile Easily evaporated
contamination To make something unclean
suppurant An agent causing pus formation
I&D Incision & Drainage
LP Lumbar Puncture
MRSA Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
cry(o) cold
-algia pain
dis- separate
aesthesio- sensation
hist(o) tissue
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