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Art study

used for studying for art class

Ceramics the art of creating objects out of potter's clay and firing the object to make it permanent.
Sculpture a carving,model, or 3-d dimensional work of art.
Clay A pliable kind of earth that can be shaped and molded, and becomes hardened when fired at high temperatures
Hand Building the use of the hands and clay tools to form objects out of clay. Four hand building techniques are: Pinch pots, slab, construction, and wheel thrown pottery.
Pinch Pot A method of hand building in which the bowl is formed by the fingers in a pinching motion.
Slab a thick level slice of clay used to model and form the shape of pottery.
Coil a long rope-like shape that may be wound into a spiral or layered to build pottery
Mold the use of a pre-made shape or form to drape clay over or inside
Roll/Press to create a slab by using a rolling pin or press to apply pressure and flatten the clay.
Knead working the clay by pressing with the hands to pop any air bubbles and create a smooth clay body.
Score to make small scratches or grooves in the pieces of clay where they will be joined together. This increases the surface area that will be attached.
Slip a creamy mixture of clay and water used to cement two pieces of clay together.
Green ware air dried clay, no moisture remaining, ready to fire
Kiln a special over or furnace that can reach very high temperatures. It can be gas, wood, or electric powered.
Bisque Ware clay that has been "bisque fired" (the first firing) and is now read to be glazed
Glaze a heat reactive chemical mixture that coats the bisque ware and melts at high temperatures to make shiny or matt finish which seals the clay surface
Created by: WafflesRTaste106
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