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Culinary Arts

What type of dining has an average per-person dinner check of 25$ or more? Fine Dining Full Service
Define hospitality. Services people need and are willing to pay for away from home.
Define Guild. Associations of people with similar interests or professions.
Who is credited with developing the kitchen brigade system? Escoffier
What is the Harvey House? One of the first nationwide chain restaurants.
What are the back of the house positions? Chefs, line cooks, pastry chefs, dishwashers, bookkeepers, storeroom clerks, purchasers, dietitians, and menu planners.
FATTOM? Food Acidity Temperature Time Oxygen Moisture
Tcs? Temperature and time control for safety.
What is a host? Person, animal, or plant on which another organism lives and feeds off of.
What pathogen needs to live in a host to grow? Parasite.
What is the important measure that managers can take to prevent parasites parasites in food? Time and temp.
What are examples of physical contaminants? Metal shavings, glass(light bulbs), bandages, hair, fingernails, jewelry, fruit pits.
What is appropriate attire for a chef? Covered hair, clean clothes, no jewelry
Cross- contamination? Spread of pathogens from food to food contact.
What inspection mark must eggs have when purchased? USDA
What temperature can you thaw meat in a cooler? Below 41 degrees.
What temp can you thaw meat with running water? Below 71 degrees.
What type of measuring utensil should you use for steak? Penetration probe.
The minimum temperature for a beef roast is what? For how long? 145 degrees for 4 minutes.
Internal temp for poultry should be what? For how long? 165 degrees for 12 seconds.
Cool TCS food from 135 to 41 degrees or lower within how long? 6 hours.
What is the first step of the HACCP plan? Conduct hazard analysis.
What is the second step of HACCP? Determine critical control points.
What is the third step of HACCP? Establish critical limits.
What is the forth step of HACCP? Establish monitoring procedures.
What is the fifth step of HACCP? Identify the correct actions.
What is the sixth step of HACCP? Verify the system works.
What is the seventh step of HACCP? Establish documents.
A restaurant or food service operation is report a accident with death or the hospitalization of three or more employees within ______ of occurrence. 8 hours
Informing employees of job safety and health protection is the responsibility of the _______. Employers.
HAZCOM is what Hazard Communication Standard
HAZCOM restricts the number of _____ that a minor may work. Hours.
What is a "near miss"? An event where property damage or injury is narrowly avoided.
How frequently should a professional contractor clean a hood ventilation system? Every 6 months.
Define class A fire. Wood, paper, cloth, and cardboard.
Class B fire. Liquids, gas, grease, oil, shortening, pressurized cans.
Class C fire. Electrical, cords, circuits, motors, switches, and wiring.
What fire extinguisher reduces temperature and supply of oxygen to the fire? Aqueous film-forming foam.
Why is a heat detector beneficial in a restaurant? It can detect heat when there is no smoke.
How full should a fryer be? Half.
How wide should a serving aisle be? 4 ft.
How should a load be lifted? With legs not bending at the back.
Who is legally responsible if a customer slips and falls in a restaurant? Employees.
Describe guiding hand. Hand that is not holding the knife when cutting.
Why is the Heimlich Maneuver used? To remove food from the airway of a choking person.
How many first aid certified employees should be in a restaurant? At least one at all times.
Define culinarian. Studies the art of cooking.
Garde Mangers primary responsibility. Prep salads and greens.
What position refills water and clears dishes in the brigade system? Back waiter.
At what temp does water boil? 212 degrees F.
Benifites of standardized recipes. Accurate proportions.
Put in place. Mise en place.
What is the temp range of a freezer? -10 -10
What is the spine of the knife? Back of the blade, non-sharp edge.
What type of knife should the chef use to separate raw meat from the bone? Boning knife.
Colander use. Drain liquids from pasta and veggies.
Mandoline Manually operating slicer with adjustable slicing blades to slice and julienne.
Convection heat. Circulation heat.
Broiling High heat coming from above the food.
Roasting Hot, dry air in an oven for a long period of time.
Poaching Cook at 160- 180 degrees F.
Roasting prep. Season, place on rack, let rest and carve.
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