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Kitchen Equipment

Slicer has a 10-inch or 12-inch blade that rotates at high speeds, automatic or manual, slicers cut to uniform sizes
Bench Mixer has a removable stainless steel bowl and dough hook, paddle, and whip attachments
Food Processor has a removable bowl and an S-shaped blade. Food processors are used to grind, puree, emulsify, crush and knead foods, disks can be added for more variety of cuts
Table-Mounted Can Opener professional kitchens use heavy-duty can openers that are mounted on the edge of a table, Clean and sanitize daily to prevent contamination
Blender have stainless steel blades that can be used to blend and mix a variety of ingredients, they can also crush ice
Commercial Juicer separate the pulp from the juice automatically
Work Table made of stainless steel and butcher block work tables are used in food production areas, commonly found in food preparation
Deep-Fat Fryer cooks food at a constant temperature, which controlled by a temperature
.Open-burner Range An open-burner ranger has four to six burner units, each with individual controls, each burner has its own heat source
Griddle can be flat or ridged, They can be a part of the range top, or a separate unit
.Flat-Top Range also known as a French-top range, burners of a flat-top are arranger under a solid top that produce even heat over a large surface area
..Microwave Oven - Used to heat, reheat, defrost and cook foods
Broilers are used to cook food quickly from start to finish using intense, direct heat located above the food
Created by: Jon S.