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Upper Limb - quiz

Stern quiz - upper limb

Nerve at the posterior surface of the medial epicondyle of humerus? ulnar
Nerve on the posterior surface of the humeral shaft? radial
Artery on the posterior surface of the humeral shaft profunda brachii
Nerve most closely associated with the surgical neck of the humerus axillary
Artery associated with the axillary nerve posterior circumflex humeral
What muscles rotate the scapula and move the glenoid fossa more superiorly? trapezius and serratus anterior
What innervates the muscles that rotate the scapula and move the glenoid fossa more superiorly accessory nerve (CN XI) - trapezius long thoracic (C5-7) - serratus anterior
winging of the scapula? caused by paralysis of trapezius or serratus anterior ... test which muscle by asking the patient to activate it.
Which muscles supinate the forearm? biceps brachii and supinator
What innervates the supinators of the forearm? musculocutaneous - biceps and deep radial - supinator
what muscles flex a prone forearm? brachialis, brachioradialis, pronator teres
What innervates the muscles that flex a prone forearm? musculocutaneous - brachialis deep radial - brachioradialis median - pronator teres
what muscles extend the wrist? Extensor Carpi radialis longus extensor carpi radialis brevis extensor carpi ulnaris
What innervates the muscles that extend the wrist? radial - Extensor Carpi radialis longus radial - extensor carpi radialis brevis deep radial - extensor carpi ulnaris
Paralysis of what muscle leads to a wrist deviation when trying to flex it? flexor carpi radialis (innervated by deep radial)
Paralysis of what muscle leads to elbow flexion when trying to pronate the forearm? pronator quadratus - innervated by anterior interosseus n (from median)
Where would you test sensory of the superficial radial n? dorsum of hand, over 1st interosseus muscle
Where would you test sensory of the median n? palm of hand, tip of index finger
Where would you test sensory of the ulnar nerve? palm of hand, tip of little finger
What ligament prevents posterior dislocation of the humerus? Nothing
What prevents distal dislocation of the humerus? anular ligament
Paralysis of what nerve causes an attempt to hold a key btwn pad of thumb and side of index finger is accompanied by flexion of thumb IP joint? ulnar n. (innervates adductor pollicus)
Paralysis of what nerve causes an inability to extend fingers or thumb (elbow and wrist can still be extended) deep radial
Paralysis of what nerve leads to the "waiters tip" position C5&6
Why is it not possible to fully extend fingers without intrinsic digital muscles? not possible to balance the torques at the MCP and IP joints with only the extrinsic digital muscles.
damage to the ulnar nerve at the wrist results in what ring and little finger in the claw position (MCP is hyperextended and IP joint is flexed) wasting of hypothenar eminence and intercarpal spaces on dorsal side of hand. inability to abduct/adduct fingers, inability to fully extend ring and little finger
What nerve is on the lateral aspect of pisiform? ulnar
What innervates deltoid axillary
What innervates infraspinatus suprascapular
What innervates teres major? lower subscapular
What innervates biceps bracii musculocutaneous
What innervates flexor carpi ulnaris ulnar n
What innervates adductor pollicus deep ulnar n
What innervates flexor digitorum superficialis median n
What innervates extensor indices radial n
What nerve and artery are found in the quadrangular space? axillary n and posterior circumflex humeral a
What nerve and artery are found in Guyon's canal ulnar n and a
What nerve and artery are found posterior to the medial picondyle of the humerus? ulnar n
What nerve and artery are found in the cubital fossa brachial artery and median n
What maintains stability of the proximal radioulnar joint? anular ligament
which carpal bones articulate with the radius at the radiocarpal joint? scaphoid, lunate and triquetral
How can you flex the elbow if the musculocutaneous nerve is damaged? weakly through pronator teres the median nerve innervates it
A fracture to the neck of the radius endangers what nerve? deep radial nerve (causes paralysis of extensor digitorum, extensor indices, extensor carpi ulnaris)
Erb-duchenne causes paralysis of what muscles? supraspinatus, infraspinatus, biceps brachii and brachialis
What innervates triceps brachii? radial n
What innervates coracobrachialis? musculocutaneous
What innervates clavicular head of pectoralis major lateral pectoral nerve
What innervates extensor indices? posterior interosseus
What innervates pronator teres? median N
What innervates brachioradialis? radial n
What innervates adductor pollicus? deep ulnar n
What innervates opponens pollicus? motor recurrent branch of the median N
inability to extend the thumb indicates what damage? damage to the posterior interosseus N causes paralysis of extensor pollicus longus and brevis
weakness in lateral rotation and elevation of the arm indicates what damage? damage to the suprascapular n paralysis of infraspinatus and supraspinatus
Fromment's sign indicates damage to the deep ulnar nerve - paralysis of adductor pollicus
What joint does biceps brachii cross? humeroradial
coracobrachialis crosses what joint? glenohumeral
flexor carpi ulnaris crosses what joint? radiocarpal
What joint does extensor digitorum cross? metacarpophalangeal, radiocarpal, PIP and DIP
Ulnar collateral ligament prevents ... abduction of the humerus
glenohumeral ligament prevents ... anterior dislocation of glenohumeral joint
coracoclavicular ligament prevents ... shoulder separation, dislocation of acromioclavicular joint
transverse carpal ligament prevents ... bowstringing of long digital tendons
where do you feel for a radial artery pulse? lateral to flexor carpi radialis tendon just above the wrist
What muscle attaches at the infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula? long head of triceps brachii
What muscle attaches at the radial tuberosity? biceps brachii
What muscle attaches at the olecranon process? triceps brachii
What muscle attaches to the distal phalynx of the middle finger? flexor digitorum profundus
what muscle attaches to the lesser tubercle of the humerus? subscapularis
What muscles attach to the coracoid process of the scapula? short head of biceps brachii, coracobrachialis, pectoralis minor
Weakness of abduction and flexion of the arm indicates damage to... axillary nerve
weakness of adduction of the arm and wasted appearance of the anterior axillary fold indicates damage to ... medial pectoral nerve
inability to pronate the forearm indicates damage to the ... median nerve
contents of the cubital fossa (lateral to medial) tendon of biceps brachii, brachial artery, median nerve
borders of the quadrangular space surgical neck of humerus (lateral), inferior edge of teres minor (superior), long head of triceps brachii (medial), superior edge of teres major (inferior)
Created by: LCiminello