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Kitchen Equipment

Slicer Used to slice foods into uniform sizes.
Bench Mixer Used to mix or whip dough's and batters.It can be used to slice, chop, shred, or grate foods by using different attachments.
Food Processor Used to grind, puree, emulsify, crush, and knead foods.
Table-Mounted Can Opener
Blender Can be used to blend and mix a variety of ingredients. They can also crush ice.
Commercial Juice It separate the pulp from the juice automatically
Work Tables Used in food production areas. Commonly used for food preparation.
Deep-Fat Fryer Cooks food at a constant temperature, which is controlled by a thermostat
Open-Burner Range
Flat-Top Range
Microwave Oven
Tilting Skillet
Pressure Steamer
Steam-Jacketed Kettle
Trunnion Kettle
Combination Steamer/Oven
Deck Oven
Convection Oven
FlashBake Oven
Steam Table
Bain Marie
Overhead Warmers Used in the service area to keep foods hot until they are picked up by the serving staff and delivered to the customer.
Proofing/Holding Cabinet Temperature and humidity levels are controlled inside the cabinet.
Insulated Carriers Large boxes that can hold hotel pans and sheet pans filled with cooked food.
Chafing Dishes Stainless Steel Used to keep food hot during service.
Canned Fuel Used to keep food warm in chafing dishes.They are ignited and place beneath the chafing dish.
Coffee Systems Can brew coffee and keep it warm during serving time.
Scoops Used to measure equal amounts of food.
Airpot Brewing Systems Used to make hot beverages such as coffee. They keep liquids hot for up to 10 hours.
Utility Carts They are on wheels that allow them to be moved easily.Used to display or hold food, to bus tables, or to move heavy items.
Hotel Pans Used to cook, serve and store food. They fit in steam tables and other holding equipment.
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