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Carnegie cam practic

chemistry practical exam review MA fall 2014

what is the purpose of the thixotropic tropic gel in this gold top tube? separate serum from clot
how long must a serum tube sit at room temperature in an upright position after it is drawn? 30 minutes
how long is the serum tube centrifuged? 10 minutes, 15 minutes if red/gray
is this tube centrifuged? If there's gel in the middle, yes!
is this centrifuge balanced? Equal on all sides Tubin tubes even across same to same weight
how is the cap removed from this blood tube? Gauze over top, pointed away, push cap with non dominant thumb until loose, remove with dominant hand
which fingers are used for finger puncture? Ring and middle finger of non dominant hand if possible
where is the fingertip punctured? On tip, slightly off center
when should alcohol be used to cleanse the site in a finger puncture? before puncture, after encouraging blood flow
what is the name of this device used for finger puncture? Lancet
when should the finger be massaged in a finger puncture? Never. It is called encourage blood flow
list 3 things not to do during finger puncture don't puncture middle of finger, don't squeeze, don't encourage after cleaning
what should be done immediately after puncturing the finger? Throw Lance it in sharps container.
How was the control sample applied to the test strip with the blood glucose meter one drop of control on wax paper. Store controls at room temp.
When does this control solution for the blood glucose meter expire? Manufacturer expiration or 6 months after opening, whichever comes first.
When where do you find the acceptable blood glucose meter control ranges for the blood glucose meter? On the bottom of the strip box.
are these test strips acceptable to use for patient testing? Check manufactorer expiration date. (last day of month)
regarding the blood glucose meter how is a blood sample applied to the test strip? Like a straw. Place strip into drop.
regarding the blood glucose meter how long is the test strip held in to the drop of blood? Until meter beeps.
How is the used strip removed from the blood glucose meter? With gauze
What is a normal non-fasting blood glucose level? 65-139
What is a normal fasting blood glucose range? 65-99
What are the steps to performing the blood glucose test? 1- clean meter; 2- Do controls; 3-test patient
Where should a lancet be discarded? Sharps container
Where should blood tubes be discarded? Sharps
How should a blood spill be cleaned up? Wipe spill with dry paper towel. Pour disinfectant on. Wipe again.
Where do you dispose of materials used to clean up a blood spill? Biohazard bag
How should the eye and eyelids be held open if body fluids come in contact with the eyes? With thumb and index finger
How long must the eye be flushed with water? 15 minutes
Which samples can be used on the Monospot test device? Whole blood (finger puncture) or lavender tube or serum/plasma (red = puncture / black=tube)
When should buffer be added to sample wellof the mono spot test device? after blood sample is in
How do you hold the transfer pipette and buffer solution while performing the Monospot test? Vertical
How is the Monospot test device positioned? Flat surface. Do not move after adding sample.
What does a positive Monospot result look like? Line at C and T
what does a negative Monospot result look like? line at C only
What does an invalid Monospot result look like? No line or only at T. repeat procedure.
How would you describe the finger stick blood sample that should be applied to the Accu-chek Instant Plus test pad? Hanging drop.
Has enough blood been added to the Accu-chek Instant Plus test strip? Cover whole yellow pad.
Name 3 things you should not do when applying the drop of blood while performing the Accu Chek instant plus test: 1. Do not add second drop 2. Don't touch skin to pad 3. Don't smear finger on pad
What should you do if the drop of blood is not large enough for the Accu Chek test? Repeat test
Is this meter coded for use with this jar of test strips? Turn on to display code. Code whenever using new strips.
Using this control and this vial of test strips, what is the acceptable range? Inside box of controls on information sheet (match lot numbers)
How often should controls be run? At least every new box
How often should the Accu-Chek meter be coded and windows cleaned? At least every new box
When is the Accu Chekprotective cover closed? When inserting strip and after blood is applied
When is the Accu Chekprotective cover opened? Before finger puncture and when removing strip
What should you do if the Accu Chekmeter display reads LO? Check size of drop. Repeat if not covered. If pad is covered fully, then less than 150.
How long should the patient fast for a Cholestech lipid panel? 9-12 hours
How is the test cartridge inserted into the Cholestech machine drawer? Black band to right. Sample end in first
What color must the Cholestech test cartridge turn to indicate the test has been run correctly? Purple
What does the A1CNow+ test monitor? Glucose
The A1CNow+ result reflects blood level over what time period? 3 months
What units are used to report the A1CNow+ result? Percent
How much blood should be in the A1CNow+ collector? Fill to end of collection tube
What numbers match on all A1CNow+ test parts? Lot number
At what temperature should test strips be stored? Room temp
What does this temperature range mean? 35-46F / 2 - 8C Refrigeration
What does this temperature range mean? 32F / 0C Freezer
What does this temperature range mean? 59 - 86F / 15 - 30C Room temp
What does this temperature range mean? 98.6F /37C Body temp
Created by: ma2b