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Standardized Test

Which of the following is not considered a work readiness trait? (A) Puntality (B) Critical thinking (C) Honesty (D) Naricissim D narcissism
Which of the following is considered a professional image? (A) jeans and a t-shirt (B) revealing clothes (C) slacks, a collard shirt and tie for men (D) Dress or Skirt Or pantsuit (E) C.D. E both C and D
Which of the following are important to have prepared when applying for a job? (A) Apllication (B) Resume (C) cover letter (D) Career Portfolio (E) Both C and D E all the above
A job application should be filled out: (A) Neat and accurately (B) Neat and in pencil (C) Neatand elaborated A neat and accurately
What should you include in your career portfolio? (A) Your arrest record (B) Evidence of accomplishments (C) A report card (D) a letter of recommendation from your mom B Evidence of your many accomplishment
Which of the following is NOT an element of a successful interview? (A) being punctual (B) A firm handshake (C) sporadic eye contact (D) Being well versed on the job for which you are applying (E) Good Posture C sporadic eye contact
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security personnel should ALWAYS ________ othe cultures.(A) Arrest (B) Agree with (C) respect (D) Disrespect (E) Indict C respect
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security personnel who engage in stereotyping will NOT: A earn the publics' trust
What must Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security personnel be aware of when interacting with other cultures? E All the above
Which of the following conflict resolution strategies involves a compromise from the parties involved?
what is the burden of proof necessary to convict a person in a criminal trial?
What is the burden of proof necessary to reach a decision in a civil trail.
Which amendment to the US constitution guarantees a citizen's freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures?
which amenment to the US constitution guarantees a citizen's right to equal protection, under the law.
which amendment to the US constitution guarantees a citizen's freedom from cruel and unusual punishment
what is the primary role for a lieutenant, in a police department?
Miranda v. Arizona requires law enforcement agents to advise a suspect of his/her rights:
when are officers allowed to serve a "No Knock" warrant?
a "Terry Frisk" refers to:
what can an officer search "incident to lawful arrest"?
what info should an officer obtain from every victim for an incident report?
when should an officer listen to a suspect or a victim?
why do police officers take field notes?
what department within the police agency investigates police corruption?
what effect does corruption have on a police department?
What is the reason for police corruption?
what does C.E.R.T. stand for?
what are the three killers referred to in CPR?
when should you initially ensure a scene is safe?
if you hear a tornado warning you should:
What is the first step in developing a family disaster plan?
what are the three parts to the fire triangle?
fires are classified as A, B, C, D, and K based on the burning characteristics of each fuel class. To extinguish a fire:
what is vicarious trauma?
what does the "B", in B-NICE, stand for?
what does the "I", B-NICE, stand for?
In what year was skills usa founded
What is the skills usa motto
Created by: Precinct1
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