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Body Systems

Kidney Hydration, Filters blood
Alveoli Gas Exchange Sacs
Gall Bladder Makes/Stores Bile
Large Intestine Absorbs Water, Makes Waste
Mouth Begins Digestion
Cerebellum Controls Balance
Brain Stem Involuntary Motions
Ligaments Bone to Bone
Cartilage Cushions Joints
Tendons Muscle to Bone
Fasia Connective Tissue
Musculoskeletal System Provides support, Allows movement, Protects organs, Stores vital minerals
Hemoglobin Binds to Oxygen and CO2
Spinal Cord Nerve Passage
Small Intestine Absorbs Nutrients
Pharynx Allows you to Swallow
Tongue Moves Food around
Salivary Glands Makes Saliva
Pancreas Provides Insulin
Esophagus Passage from Mouth to Stomach
Liver Filters Toxins out of body
Fallopian Tubes Passage for eggs
Ovaries Produces Eggs
Testes Makes sperm
The Penis. Organ of Copulation
Rectum/Anus Waste Expulsion
Glands Produce Hormones
Leukocytes Immunity, (White Blood Cells)
Thrombocytes Clotting
Plasma Liquid Portion of Blood
Erythrocytes Transports and Exchanges Gasses, (Red Blood Cells)
Mucosal Cells Warms and Moistens Air
Capillaries Exchanges Gasses
Muscle Types Smooth, Cardiac, Skeletal
Joint Types Ball-and-Socket, Gliding, Stationary, Pivot, Saddle, Hinge
Bone Types Long, Short, Flat, Irregular
Nervous System Directs Behavior, movement, communication. Processes info and responds to stimuli
Created by: joebrezze13