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State and Local Gov.

U.S Government

Type of Mayor in a Mayor-Council Gov. / with no veto power/ one vote Weak
A citizen action that allows citizens to propose and vote on their own laws initiative
A city gov. structure made up of heads of the various departments commission
This type of veto allows Governor to cancel parts of a bill before signing line item
number of state legislative districts in AZ thirty
Az was once apart of what territory? New Mexico
The Act that allowed AZ territory to write a constitution Enabling Act
We went to war with this country and got the land AZ on Mexico
How many years can the state Senate and House serve for? Two
What treat made AZ apart of the U.S? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Act signed by Lincoln that made AZ a territory Organic Act
The most important power that state and local Government has tax
governor of AZ Jan Brewer
A citizen action that allows people to shoot down a law passed by the legislature referendum
the only state that does not have a bicameral legislature Nebraska
AZ has 15 of these large political subdivisions county
the president that vetoed AZ entrance into the union Taft
besides veto and pardon power the Governor has appointment power
what was AZ original capital Prescott
What is the current capitol of AZ Phoenix
Treaty that set the southern boundary of New Mexico territory Gadsden Purchase
The number of signatures needed to put a measure on a ballot is 5% to 15% of voters from the last election
City government that hires a manager to run day to day operations council manager
the most popular form of city government is? Mayor-Council
3 out of 4 Americans live in this type of community municipalities
type of government formed to establish a specific function (Education/water) Special District
A citizen action that can remove an elected official recall
they were the 1st to recognize AZ as a territory confederacy
A big difference between a state and the U.S constitution is the number of words
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