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Vault Cocktail List

Flash guide to Learning Vault Martini's cocktail list

#9 .5oz Peachtree .5oz cranberry .5oz oj fill champagne flute, orange wedge on rim #9
Afternoon Delight .5oz Absinthe fill champagne flute, lemon twist Afternoon Delight
Algonquin 3.25oz Bulleit Rye .5oz Bonal Quinta 2 heavy dashes Peychaud’s bitters shell, orange twist Algonquinn
Almond Joy 1.25oz Smirnoff Vanilla .25oz dark Crème de Cacao .25oz Malibu .25oz Amaretto 1.75oz cream shell, heavily shaken/foamy, ‘Joy’ on top in chocolate syrup Almond Joy
Almost Blue 2oz Martin Miller .25oz pearl sake 1.5oz lime syrup 10 blueberries, muddled shell Almost Blue
Aphrodite 1.25oz Smirnoff Vanilla .25oz Chambord .25oz Kahlúa .25oz dark Crème de Cacao 1.75oz cream shell, heavily shaken, ‘Love’ on top in chocolate syrup Aphrodite
The Apothecary 3oz Pendleton .75oz Chartreuse 2 dashes chocolate bitters shell The Apothecary
The Arkansas Traveler 2oz rhubarb vodka 3-4 cuc wheels, muddled 1.75oz lemon syrup shell, cuc wheel as garnish The Arkansas Traveler
B-12 .5oz Stoli, chilled fill champagne flute, lemon twist B-12
Bellini .5oz vodka .25oz peach purée fill champagne flute Bellini
Blackberry Margarita 1.5oz tequila .5oz triple sec .25oz blackberry purée .75oz lime syrup .75oz lemon syrup bucket, optional salt rim Blackberry Margarita
Blame it on Rio 1.5oz Cachaça .5oz Patron XO Café .25oz Godiva dark fill coffee footed mug, whipped cream, light criss-cross chocolate syrup Blame it on Rio
Blueberry Bellini .5oz Stoli Blueberry 5 blueberries, whole fill champagne flute, berries left whole Blueberry Bellini
Botox 1.5oz Stoli Blueberry 1oz lemon syrup 5 blueberries fill soda chimney Botox
The Burlesque 2oz Don Julio añejo 1oz Licor 43 2 lime moons, muddled 2 lemon moons, muddled bucket, salted rim The Burlesque
Butterfinger 1oz Baileys 1oz Buttershots 1.75oz cream shell, shaken heavily/foamy, ‘Butter-finger’ or something similar on top in chocolate syrup Butterfinger
Canella's Kane 1.5oz Cruzan Pineapple .25oz guava purée 1oz pineapple juice 1oz lime syrup cinnamon to taste (2 good shakes) rimmed shell, shaken frothy, dusting of cinnamon on top Canella's Kane
Cherry Drop 1.5oz Cruzan Cherry .5oz cranberry 1oz lime syrup 1oz lemon syrup rimmed shell, single speared cherry Cherry Drop
Chocolate Banana 1 oz Smirnoff Vanilla .5oz creme de banana .5oz dark crème de cacao 2oz cream shell, shaken heavily/frothy, ‘chocolate’ on top in chocolate syrup with banana chips placed below Chocolate Banana
Cilantro 2oz vodka 1.75oz lime 3 sprigs cilantro, muddled shell Cilantro
Cinnamon Pear Hot Toddy 2oz cinnamon-pear bourbon .25oz brown sugar syrup 2 lemon moons, muddled fill hot water footed mug, lemons left in mix, steamed if necessary, cinnamon stick Cinnamon Pear Hot Toddy
Crimson Crush 1.5oz Skyy .5oz St-Germain .25oz pomegranate purée 1.5oz pink grapefruit juice shell Crimson Crush
Cucumber Fix 1.5oz Belvedere Bloody Mary .5oz St-Germain 1.75oz lemon syrup 4-5 cucumber wheels, muddled shell, +1 whole cuc wheel on top Cucumber Fix
D.V.B. 1.5oz Smirnoff Blueberry .25oz blueberry purée 1.5oz lemon syrup cinnamon to taste (2 good shakes) fill ginger ale shell, dusting of cinnamon on top D.V.B.
D.Winger .5oz lavender-peach vodka .5oz lemon syrup fill sparkling rosé flute, lemon twist D.Winger
Datura 1.5oz citrus vodka .25oz triple sec 1oz lemon syrup 1oz pink grapefruit juice shell, grapefruit wedge on top Datura
Dear John 2oz vodka 1.75oz lime syrup 4-5 cucumber wheels, muddled 2 sprigs dill, muddled shell, cucumber and small sprig of dill stacked on top Dear John
Diane Keaton 1.5oz horseradish vodka .125oz Chartreuse .25oz lemon syrup .25oz pomegranate purée 1 sprig rosemary, muddled +1 for garnish bucket, half sprig rosemary garnish Diane Keaton
Dirty Pickle 3.75oz Skyy .25oz pickle brine shell, 2 speared cornichons Dirty Pickle
The Drew 1.5oz gin .5oz St-Germain 1.75 pink grapefruit juice rosemary, muddled chimney, grapefruit on rim The Drew
The Empress 3oz Belvedere Unfiltered .75oz Imbue Petal & Thorn shell, skewered beet The Empress
Envy 1.75oz citrus vodka .125oz melon liqueur .5oz pineapple juice .75oz lime syrup .75oz lemon syrup shell, speared cherry Envy
Espresso Fuel 1.5oz vodka .5oz Kahlúa 1.75oz espresso shell, shaken frothy Espresso Fuel
Firestarter 1.25oz pepper tequila (cut to taste with well tequila) .25oz triples sec .25oz blood orange purée 2 orange wedges, muddled 1oz lemon syrup 1oz lime syrup bucket, optional salt Firestarter
French 75 .5oz gin .5oz lime syrup fill champagne flute, garnish with small lime twist French 75
The Gatsby .75oz Meyer lemon gin .25oz Aperol splash Limoncello flute, lemon zest The Gatsby
Geisha 1.75oz ginger .125oz pearl sake 2oz lime syrup shell, lime moon dropped Geisha
Georgia 2oz Bulleit 1.75oz lemon syrup chunk of ginger, muddled shell Georgia
Gertrudis 1.75oz El Jimador silver 2oz lime syrup cilantro, muddled mandarin/cutie, 1/2 shell, cutie wedge Gertrudis
Gilded Lily 1.75oz gin .25oz Lilet 1.75oz lemon syrup 4 cucumber wheels, muddled 5 mint leaves, muddled chimney, cuc wheel garnish Gilded Lily
Ginger Pear 2oz ginger vodka .5oz pear purée 1.25oz lime syrup 2 shakes cinnamon shell, dusting of cinnamon on top Ginger Pear
Gluttony 2oz citrus vodka 1.5oz lime syrup .25oz raspberry purée shell, lime moon on rim Gluttony
Goodbye Earl 2oz cardamom whiskey (cut to taste with well whiskey) .125oz Earl Grey syrup 1oz lemon syrup fill soda bucket, lemon moon on rim Goodbye Earl
Greed 2oz citrus vodka 1.5oz lemon syrup .25oz blackberry purée shell, lemon moon on rim Greed
Guava Drop 2oz vodka .25oz guava purée .75oz lemon syrup .75oz lime syrup rimmed shell Guava Drop
Habanero 2oz habanero vodka (cut to taste with well vodka) .5oz pineapple juice .75oz lime syrup .75oz lemon syrup rimmed shell, pineapple wedge on rim (to distinguish from pineapple drop, which is dropped) Habanero
Heidi Klum 1.5oz Smirnoff Vanilla .5oz Godiva white chocolate liqueur 1.75oz cream shell crisscrossed with chocolate syrup Heidi Klum
Hello, Handsome 1.5oz habanero vodka (cut to taste) .5oz St-Germain 1oz pink grapefruit juice fill lemon syrup chimney, grapefruit wedge on rim Hello, Handsome
Honey 2oz El Jimador Silver .25oz honey .5oz lime syrup 1oz pink grapefruit juice shell, grapefruit wedge dropped Honey
Hot & Dirty 3.25oz Crater Lake Pepper Vodka .5oz olive brine shell, olive bootscooter Hot & Dirty
Il Palio 1.5oz Cynar .25oz brown sugar syrup 2 lime moons, muddled 5 mint leaves, muddled fill soda chimney, mint leaf on top Il Palio
Joyful Girl 2oz Smirnoff Vanilla vodka 1.75oz lemon syrup shell, lemon moon dropped Joyful Girl
Kentucky Coffee 1oz Bookers .5oz Kahlúa .5oz Grand Marnier fill coffee sugar-footed mug, prep like Spanish coffee Kentucky Coffee
Kentuky Kiss 2oz Buffalo Trace .5oz strawberry purée .25oz maple syrup 1oz lemon syrup shell Kentuky Kiss
Le Frou Frou 1.5oz Meyer lemon gin .5oz Absinthe fill hot water footed mug, lemon twist Le Frou Frou
Lemon Basil 2oz citrus vodka 1.75oz lemon syrup 3-4 basil leaves, muddled shell Lemon Basil
Lemon Drop 1.5oz vodka .5oz triple sec 1.75oz lemon syrup rimmed shell, lemon moon dropped Lemon Drop
Liesse 1oz vodka .5oz St-Germain .5oz lemon syrup fill champagne chimney, lemon twist Liesse
Lust 2oz tequila .25oz blood orange purée 1.5oz lime syrup shell, lime moon dropped Lust
Mango Drop 2oz Cruzan mango rum .25oz mango purée .75oz lime syrup .75oz lemon syrup rimmed shell Mango Drop
Mango Sticky Rice 1.5oz Cruzan mango .5oz Malibu .25oz mango purée .75oz cream .75oz lime syrup lemongrass, muddled shell, shaken heavily/frothy Mango Sticky Rice
Manhattan 43 3oz Bulleit .75oz Licor 43 shell, orange twist Manhattan 43
Mariposa 2oz Antiguo reposado .25 hibiscus syrup .75oz pink grapefruit juice .75oz lime syrup shell, grapefruit wedge on rim Mariposa
Mochatini 2.25oz Smirnoff vanilla .75oz Kahlúa .75oz Godiva dark shell, heavily shaken/frothy Mochatini
Molotov Coqtiz 2oz vodka, gin or tequila 1.75oz lime syrup .5” thick ring of red bell pepper, muddled 3-4 basil leaves, muddled shell, thin red pepper ring on top Molotov Coqtiz
Ninja 2oz Crater Lake Pepper Vodka .25oz guava purée .5oz pineapple juice 1oz lime syrup shell, lime moon dropped Ninja
Numero Dos 1oz Antiguo reposado .5oz Dolin Rouge (sweet vermouth) .5oz Campari 1oz pink grapefruit juice .75oz lime syrup shell, grapefruit wedge on rim Numero Dos
NW Manhattan 2.5oz Knob Creek .75oz Patrón XO Café coffee .5oz espresso shell, orange twist NW Manhattan
The Original Sin 1oz gin .25oz apple pucker .5oz lemon syrup .5oz lime syrup fill champagne snifter (on ice), skewered cherry The Original Sin
Pad Thai 2oz ginger vodka 1.75oz lime syrup 3-4 basil leaves, muddled lemongrass, muddled shell Pad Thai
Pineapple Drop 2oz Cruzan pineapple .5oz pineapple juice .75oz lemon syrup .75oz lime syrup rimmed glass, pineapple wedge dropped Pineapple Drop
Pink Ginger 2oz ginger vodka 1.5oz lime syrup .25oz cranberry juice shell, speared ginger wheel Pink Ginger
Poison Arrow .5oz St-Germain fill champagne flute, single grape dropped as garnish Poison Arrow
Pomegranate 2oz vodka 1.5oz lime syrup .25oz pomegranate purée shell, lime moon dropped Pomegranite
Pretty Baby .25oz Chartreuse .25oz pomegranate purée fill champagne flute, lemon twist Pretty baby
Pride 2oz gin .25oz blueberry purée 1.5oz lime syrup shell, lime moon dropped Pride
Pussy Wagon 2oz habanero vodka (cut to taste) 1.5oz lime syrup .25oz cranberry juice shell, lime moon dropped Pussy Wagon
Resurrection 2oz Smirnoff vanilla 1oz dark crème de cacao .75oz espresso shell, heavily shaken/frothy Resurrection
2oz Bulleit .5oz pink grapefruit juice .25oz lemon syrup .25oz pomegranate purée 2 lemon moons, muddled 2 dashes Angostura bitters fill soda chimney, leave muddled lemons in mix Riot
Roman Spring 2oz Meyer lemon gin 1oz Doulin Rouge .75oz Campari shell, lemon twist Roman Spring
Salsa Margarita 1.5oz pepper tequila (cut to taste) .5oz triple sec 1.5oz lime syrup 4-5 cuc wheels, muddled 2 sprigs cilantro, muddled bucket, optional salt, rough strain and garnish with a cup wheel Salsa Margarita
Scarlet Mimosa .25oz blood orange purée fill champagne flute, orange wedge on rim Scarlet Mimosa
The Selkie 3oz Macallan 12 .75oz Cynar splash Dolin DRY shell, orange twist The Selkie
Sloth 2oz Capt Morgan .25oz guava purée 1.5oz lime syrup Sloth
Southern Cooler 2oz Maker’s Mark 4-5 cuc wheels, muddled fill ginger ale bucket, rough strain, cucumber wheel dropped Southern Cooler
Spanish Coffee .5oz Bacardi 151 1oz triple sec 1oz Kahlúa fill coffee sugar footed mug, flamed with cinnamon, whip on top, sprinkled with nutmeg Spanish Coffee
Spanish Fly 1oz Don Julio añejo .5oz Cointreau .5oz Patrón XO Café 1.75oz espresso shell, shaken heavily/frothy, orange zest Spanish Fly
Spicy Cucumber 2oz Crater Lake Pepper Vodka 4-5 cuc wheels, muddled 1.75oz lime syrup shell, cuc wheel dropped Spicy Cucumber
Strawberry Basil 2oz citrus vodka 1.75oz lemon syrup 3-4 basil leaves, muddled 2-3 strawberries, muddled (or sub .25oz straw purée if unavailable) shell, rough strain Strawberry Basil
Tattoo Lady 1oz Capt. Morgan 1oz Kahlúa splash hot water fill chai footed mug, steamed till hot and slightly frothy, whip on top Tattoo Lady
Tin Man 1.5oz gin .5oz St-Germain 1.5oz lime syrup 5 grapes, muddled 2 sage leaves, muddled shell, rough strain, sage leaf on top Tin Man
Tom Robbins 3oz gold beet gin .5oz Imbue bittersweet vermouth .125oz honey .25oz lemon juice 1 sprig tarragon, muddled shell, rough strain Tom Robbins
Veronica .5oz Crème de Violette fill champagne flute, lemon twist Veronica
White Girl in Yoga Pants 2oz Capt. Morgan .5oz pumpkin sauce .25oz brown sugar syrup 1oz cream cinnamon & nutmeg shake shell, shaken heavily/frothy, whipped cream floated on side White Girl in Yoga Pants
Whore-chata 2oz cinnamon-rice vodka .5oz cinnamon-almond syrup 1.25oz cream shell, dusting of cinnamon on top Whore-chata
Wicked Gimlet 2oz vodka or gin 1.75oz lime syrup 5 mint leaves, muddled to hell and back shell Wicked Gimlet
Winter Cosmo 2oz oz vodka 1oz white cranberry juice .75oz lime syrup shell, 3-4 cranberries dropped in Winter Cosmo
Wrath 2oz whiskey 1.5oz lemon syrup .25oz white peach purée shell, lemon moon dropped Wrath
'67 Chevy 1.5oz El Jimador Silver 2 2-3” sprigs thyme, muddled .25oz pear puree .125oz agave syrup .125oz lemon juice bucket, rocks, salt rim '67 Chevy
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