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chapter 28

A mans reproductive capacity is directly associated with what?? Sexual excitement, penile erection, ejaculation.
The male reproductive system consist of what??? testes, ductal system and seminal vesicles, Scrotum, penis, and accessory glands
what is the purpose of the testes?? to produce spermatozoa and other sex hormones
what is the purpose of the ductal system and seminal vesicles? to store and transport sperm
what is the purpose of the scrotum?? Supports and protects the testes and regulates their temperature
What is the purpose of the penis? It is required for sperm deposit in the female
What role does the accessory organs play?? they secrete hormones and other secretions
What is the perineum?? The area between the scrotum and the anus
what part within the testes produces sperm? seminiferous tubules and the cells lining the tubules
Epididymis comma shaped organ that is attached to the posterior surface of the testes and is 20 ft long but can barely be seen with the naked eye and stores sperm cells ...many sperm cells here are in the final stage of maturation
What propels sperm cells through the abdominal cavity? peristaltic contractions
What are nocturnal emissions??? When pubescent boys experience penile erection or spontaneous ejaculation during sleep
What is a common spot for herniation in men and is also where the testicles descend into the scrotum before birth? the inguinal canal
What is a vasectomy? When both of the deferens ducts are tied or cut for sterilization for males ( It does not affect erection or simply prevents sperm from passing through)
semen mixed with various secretions is called what? Ejaculatory fluid
The external appearance of the scrotum depends on what? The environmental conditions and the contraction of its muscles
Cremasteric reflex when the cremasteric muscles involuntarily contract and tighten the spermatic cord to bring the testicles closer to the body as the external temp lowers
Why is it important that the temperature of the testicles be maintained? To facilitate sperm production
spermatogenesis Sperm production
In addition to reacting to temperature changes...the cremasteric reflex also pulls testicles closer together during... severe danger or a fight for protection, and during sexual intercourse
What do the reproductive systems work together to do? ` to continue the species and to pass genetic information from parents to child
Interstitial cells do what? Secrete testosterone and other androgens
The smooth cap of the penis is know as?? The glans penis
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