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Comparative anatomy

Final review jepordy

This matter is used to process sensory info and is used for cognition gray matter
Is cranial nerve XI sensory,motor, or both.Name it. acessory nerve,motor
Schwann cells use this to insulate axons myelin sheath
Translate hypoglossal.which cranial nerve is it? Below tongue,XII nerve
what is the function of the epithalamus?what region of the brain does it develop from? sleep,wake cycle.diencephalon
this duct is found in females of the species and is vestigal in males. mullerian
In a reflex arc, a sensory nerve brings the signal to the spinal cord.Where does the signal enter? dorsal root of the spinal cord
The embryonic kidney region that is most primitive proneferos
these three cranial nerves are motor nerves responsible for moving eyes. oculor motor,troclear,abducence
half of the nervous system are nerurons. these cells make up the other half. neurogleal cells consisting of schwann and olidendrogleal.
Name the three intromittent organs claspers,penis,hemipens
This system sends signals to your visera to keep it running regardless of your consciousness/unconsciousness. autonomic
what is the other name for the hind brain rombincephalon
the type of kidney found in amphibians. mesonephros
this early kidney has tubules that open into the coelom.the opening is called what? nephrostome(kidney,mouth)
this structure is referred to as a tiny ball of capillaries glomerulus
one group of vertebrates that secrete uric acid. and why they do this. birds, to conserve water
the metanephric duct has this synonym,what does it do to the mesenphros of amniotes. uriter, and it enduces the mesonephros to form
these taxa have large glomeruli.why do they have large glomeruli? fresh water fish and amphibiansl to get rid of water
the sympathetic nerves come from these regions of the spinal cord. thoracic and lumbar
Bony fish and amphibians excrete waste in this form. amnoia
these two groups of vertebrates have only 10 cranial nerves. fish and amphibians
this has been increased evolvutionary due to duplication of the centers found in this part of the brain. cerebral hemispheres.
this gland is used to secrete the hard or leathery shell on eggs produces by some vertebrates. nidimental gland
this membrane enters the sulci in mammals pia mater
the cloaca is the opening for what systems? excretory,digestive,reproductive
the description of the location of the kidneys outside the main body cavity. retroperitoneal
this part of the nephron is arranged as a countercurrent to help reabsorb water and concentrate urine archinephric duct
visual information is sent to superior colliculus in this region of the brain mesocenphalon
name all parts of the diencephalon and functions. epithalamus(sleep/wake cycle),thalamus(relay center),hypothalamus(homeostasis)
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