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Safety & Sanitation

Safety & Sanitation Principles

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA
Flammable Materials that are quick-to-burn
Lockout/Tagout An OSHA procedure that requires all necessary switches on electrical equipment to be locked out and tagged when they are malfunctioning.
Abrasion A scrape that's considered to be a minor cut.
Laceration A deep cut or tear in the skin, such as a knife wound.
Avulsion A wound in which a portion of the skin is partially or completely torn off, such as a severed finger.
Puncture A deep hole in the skin, often caused by a pointed object, such as a ice pick.
Heimlich Maneuver A maneuver used to remove an object blocking a choking victim's airway.
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Emergency care that is performed on people who are unresponsive, such as those who are unconscious because of choking, cardiac arrest, stroke. or heart attack.
Occupational Back Support A type of back brace with suspenders designed to support the lower back while lifting
Emergency A potentially life-threatening situation that usually occurs suddenly and unexpectedly
First Aid Assisting an injured person until professional medical help can be provided
Shock A serious medical condition in which not enough oxygen reaches tissues
General Safety Audit A review and inspection of all safety procedures and equipment
Routine Regular set of actions
Document To write down the details of what happened
Created by: Jonathan Simpson