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LS Cul. Arts Final

review game for semester 1 final

_________ _________ established many of the professional culinary standards and traditions that exist today. Cooking Guilds
_____________ is the services that people use and receive when they are away from home. Hospitality
A ______ is a person, animal, or plant on which another organism, such as a parasite, lives and feeds. Host
The __________ ___________ removes food or other obstacles from the airway of a choking person. Heimlech Manuever
Freezers should maintain temperatures of _____F to ______F 10 degrees F to -10 degrees F
Who authored De Re Coquinaria, one of the earliest known cookbooks? Apicius
An association of people with similar interests or professions is called a ________ Guild
_____________________ is credited with introducing haute cuisine to France? Catherine de Medici
What type of restaurant provides a serving staff that takes orders while patrons are seated, and the average per-person dinner is $25 or more? Fine dining full-service
____________ developed the kitchen brigade system, which assigns certain responsibilities to kitchen staff? Escoffier
The temperature danger zone is ______F to _______F 41 degrees F to 135 degrees F
Cool TCS food from 135 degrees F to 41 degrees F or lower within ______ hours. 6
Class ____ fire involves live electrical equipment and typically occurs in motors, switches, cords, circuits and wiring. C
A restaurant or foodservice operation is required to report to OSHA any accident resulting in death or the hospitalization of three or more employees within _____ hours of the occurrence. 8
How often should a professional contractor clean a hood ventilation system? Every 6 months
Which type of extinguisher reduces the temperature and supply of oxygen to the fire? Aqueous film-forming foam
Which type of detector detects fires where there is no smoke? Heat
How many employees trained and certified in first aid should be in a restaurant? One for every shift
Leeks have a 50% yield. After trimming 12 pounds, how many pounds of lima beans are left? 6 lbs.
Of 150 lunch customers, 56% have ordered the tossed salad. How many people have ordered this menu item? 84
What is the top part of a knife called? Spine
Which product must have a USDA inspection mark and must comply with USDA grade standards to be acceptable for receiving? Eggs
The garde manger section includes _________ ___________. Salad preparation
__________ hazards are described in Material Safety Data Sheets. Chemical
The first principle of HACCP is to: ___________________ conduct a hazard analysis
If a recipe for 50 people has individual ingredients that cost $4.00, $10.00, $5.25 and $3.25, what is the cost per portion? $0.45
Why is the Harvey House is historically significant because: It is one of the earliest nationwide chain restaurants
"TCS food" refers to food that needs which component for safety? Time and Temperature Control
Skid-resistant shoes and gloves are examples of personal __________ _______________. protective equipment
Class ____ fires should be used to extinguish a grease fire in the hood of a stove? B
The three forms of food contamination hazards are: Biological, Chemical and Physical
The acronym FAT TOM stands for: Food, Acidity, Temperature, Time, Oxygen and Moisture
Deep fryers should be filled no more than _____ full. half
Water boils at _____ degrees F. 212
Braising is an example of a ______________ heat method. combination
The minimum internal cooking temperature for beef roasts is ________ degrees F for 4 minutes 145
Poultry should be cooked to an internal temperature of ________ degrees F for at least 15 seconds. 165
A _____ _______ is an event in which property damage or injury is narrowly avoided. near miss
Class ___ extinguishers would put out a fire of burning paper. A
Aisles in serving and dining areas should be at least _______ feet wide. 4
A deck and convection are types of ovens
The best way to ensure that portion sizes are the same from day to day for a given dish is to use _________ _____________. standardized recipes
Poaching is an example of a _________ heat cooking method. Moist
Pieces of broken glass, packaging material and jewelry in food are examples of _______________ contamination. physical
To take the internal temperature of a pork chop, one would use a _______________ probe. Penetration
_____ __ ______ is a term used in the food industry that means "to put in place" mise en place
Created by: ellen.small