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BIC, Block III

USAF Basic Instructor Course

Counseling will be documented on ______________ once the session has been completed. AETC Form 173
Documentation of counseling is retained throughout the _______ and stored in a ________ _________. Course, Secure Place
_______ is a web-based student management system that is used to record the academic progress of student TTMS
_____ _______ is warranted in those situations in or outside the classroom directly affecting students academic performance academic counseling
When documenting counseling, you should ensure the entries contain information concerning the student's _______, _______, _______, ________ __________. Interests, Abilities, Attitudes, Class Participation
___________ comments or counseling must be acknowleded by a signature below the comments or counseling. Derogatory
Follow-up is a _______ _______ to see if the counselee's actions are the one's agreed upon during the interview. Thorough Investigation
Documenting each session is an important part of ______ _______. Effective Counseling
Remember, the counseling is not over until the problem is _______. Solved
Every _______ _______ is an opportunity to assist our students in completing their courses of instruction successfully. Counseling Interview
To show this, there must be observable evidence. Improvement or change in student behavior
Describes the goal of counseling? Improvement of change in student behavior
Type of counseling performed when a student's attitude or behavior does not meet military standards. Non-Academic
In this phase, the student is encouraged to explore the problem in depth. Self-exploration
The humanistic counselor creates this so the student can gain self-understanding The helping relationship
Perform this type of counseling when a student fails a block test. Academic
The student understands the problem, and they make a commitment to change Self-understanding
When Tom found out he failed his written exam, he reminded his instructor how fast he had completed his progress check. Compensation
Steve still didn't think he had a drinking problem even after getting several DWIs. Denial of Reality
Fear of failure is a type of what? Motivation
This is the hope or longing for achievement. Aspiration
What explains why students, with the same aptitude or intelligence, perform differently in our classrooms? Achievment Motivation
Doing the unexpected or novel describes which technique for motivating students? Creative Behavior
What are threee of the six concepts of understanding motivation? Needs, Interests, Values, Attitudes, Incentives, Aspirations
Ignoring or refusing to acknowledge disagreeing or unpleasant realities describes which defense mechanism? Denial of Reality
A mental blueprint or picture of ourselves is known as ______. Self-Concept
"i can't sing, but i can play the piano." is an example of which defense mechanism? Compensation
"I would have passed the test if the instructor had taught better." is an example of which defense mechanism? Projection
Getting one's feelings out about a stressful situation is known as ________. Catharsis
Which style of counseling works best to correst simple problems and correct aspects of duty performance? Directive Style
This counseling approach sees students as basically good and sees behavior at purposeful or goal-directed. Humanistic Approach
Created by: KATIE.LEROY