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The Reformation

By J.Daleo

How did Martin Luther become a monk? He was caught in a thunderstorm and vowed if he survived, he would become a monk.
Name the Abuses of the Catholic Church? Pluralism|Absenteeism|Nepotism|Simony
Why did Erasmus and other fail when Luther succeeded? Luther was a plain spoken man who spoke language that ordinary people could understand and the printing press helped get his messages out. He was also protected by his Prince: Fredrick the Wise.
How did the Renaissance help the Reformation It got people to question the authority and abuses of the Catholic Church.
Who was the Pope at the time of Luther Leo X
What did Zwingli and Luther argue about. Christ's presence at Eucharist.
Who was influenced by Luther's ideas and spread them to Geneva. John Calvin
Who introduced Luther into the Diet of Worms Charles V
What did Luther believe was needed to get into heaven. Justification by Faith Alone
Who kidnapped Luther and hidden him in Wartburg Castle Fredrick the Wise
Created by: dccolbert