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SA PE Terms

Physical Exam Terminology

What are the 5 vital signs? Temperature, pulse, respirations, blood pressure, oxygen saturation
Auscultation Listening with a stethoscope by the provider
Palpation (NOT palpitation) The act of pressing on an area of the body by the provider
Cachectic, cachexia Thin/muscle wasting
Scleral icterus Yellowing of the eyes, indicative of liver failure
Pale conjunctiva Pale in the inside of the lower eyelids , indicative of anemia
Epistaxis Nosebleed
Rhinorrhea Runny nose
Dry mucous membranes Dryness of the tongue/inside of mouth, indicative of dehydration
Lymphadenopathy Swollen lymph nodes
Thyromegaly Enlarged thyroid
Tachycardia Heart rate >100 beats per minute (bpm)
Bradycardia Heart rate <60 beats per minute (bpm)
Irregularly irregular rhythm Rhythm heard with atrial fibrillation
Extrasystoles Extra heart beats
Carotid, Radial, Femoral, Dorsalis Pedis, Posterior Tibialis Pulse points
Tachypnea Increased breathing rate
Hepatomegaly Enlarged liver
Splenomegaly Enlarged spleen
Heme positive Stool test positive for occult blood
Melanotic Black, tarry appearance of stool
Pedal edema Swelling of the feet
Pallor Pale skin (concern for anemia)
Jaundice Yellow skin (liver failure)
Urticaria Hives
Petechiae/Purpura Pinpoint red/purple dot rash - concern for serious bleeding problem
Erythema Redness
Ecchymosis Bruising
Describe normal findings for "constitutional" Well developed, well nourished, no acute distress
Describe normal findings for "eyes" EOMI, PERRL, normal conjunctiva
Describe normal findings for "ENT" TMs clear, moist mucous membranes
Describe normal findings for Cardiovascular Regular rate and rhythm, no gallops, murmurs, or rubs
Describe normal findings for respiratory Lungs clear to auscultation bilaterally, no wheezes, rhonchi, or rales.
Describe normal findings for abdominal Soft, nontender, nondistended, no masses, no hepatosplenomegaly
Describe normal findings for musculoskeletal Full ROM, no edema, no tenderness.
Describe normal findings for skin Warm, dry, no rashes or bruises. No suspicious lesions
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