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Law and Ethics

Defamation Damage to one's character through written or spoken word
Ethics Moral principles; doing what is right
Subpoena Court ordered request for ones presence or evidence in court
Negligence Neglecting to perform certain requirements
Patient's Bill of Rights Rights of a patient in a patient-physician relationship
DPOA Person appointed to make decisions on behalf of a patient
Respondeat superior Higher authority answers for actions/ things
Good Samaritan Law Protection for health care workers offering treatment at accidents
Informed Consent Patient is informed of consequences of having/not having prodecure/treatment
Minor Person who has not reached age of maturity
Schedule A category of a controlled drug
Liability A negative result of an action
Bioethics Ethical decisions pertaining to life issues
HIPAA Health insurance portability and accountability
Living Will Written request by patient regarding Heroic treatment
Dereliction Failure to act as one should (physician)
Battery Bodily harm without permission
Abandonment Stopping treatment without performing proper procedures, leaving a patient
Self-determination Making decisions for one's self
Rider An addition to an insurance policy (malpractice)
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