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Political Party

test 12-2-14

First Party System Discrepancy between 1789-1792
1792-1824 - Monroe Presidency was known as what? era of good feelings
What are the two parties? Federalist and Democratic-Republican
Federalist Believes in a strong central government, a lose construction of the Constitution
Who is the Federalists founder? Hamilton
What do they support? Bank of the United States
Hamilton institutes: Believes that the future of the US lies within manufacturing and industrial growth rather than agriculture
Why do they want ties with Britain rather than France? Britain is stable and we have close trade ties
Democratic-Republican Believes in a not as strong central government
Who formed the Democratic-Republican party? Jefferson and Madison
Jefferson institutes: that the future lies within agriculture
Second Party System 1820s-1850s
Democrats [Old Republican Party aka Democratic-Republican]
Who led the Democrat-Republican Party? Andrew Jackson
What is this party known as? Common Mans Party
Why do they want a smaller national government? because they don't want federal intervention
What is their beliefs? opening the Western lands and forcible removal of Native Americans
What opportunity does that provide? for small white farmers to get some land (common mans president)
Whigs Believe in the federal government
What did they want the federal government to do? pay for infrastructure
What did the whigs support? scientific research by the government through a national university
What issue will destroy them in the future? slavery
Third Party System 1850s-1890s
Democrats Alignment between the southern and western farmers
The Democratic Party will be split into what two factions? pro-slavery faction in the South and anti-slavery faction in the North
Who were the Democratic Party leaders? Henry Clay and Daniel Webster
Republican party formed in 1854 (SAME party as Republicans today)
What did the oppose? expansion of slavery in the West
Only 2 Democratic presidents will be elected, who are they? Cleveland and Wilson
President Lincoln was elected in 1860 marking what? the 2nd time the Republicans have offered a Presidential nominee
Who was the Republicans first presidential nominee? John Freemont
Fourth Party System 1890s-1930s
Which party dominated this time period? Republicans
What do they believe? that the government should solve the problems of society
Democrats are supported by who? NE Farmers
Populist party are supported by who? Southern and Western Farmers
One democrat president is elected in 1912, who is it? President Wilson
Fifth Party System 1930s-till today
Democrats dominant position in national politics for the 1st time in a century
New Deal Coalition will vote democratic for forty years: Unions, immigrants, minority and low income votes, catholics, jews, southerners, urbanites, intellectuals
What did it redefine? the role of the federal government in American life
Republicans Reduce government regulations and shrink size of federal bureaucracy
political party is known as what in the Federalists papers? factions
Created by: a.allsup