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Unit 3I

Female Reproductive system

The ova courses through the organs of the Female RS in the following order Ovary--> Uterine Tube --> Uterus
The 6 organs of the Female RS not the female reproduction Vagina, greater vestibular glands, Labia Minora, Labia Majora, Clitoris, Mons Pubis
The Ovary is the female gonad that contains many ____ that function in the production of the female sex cell ( _____ ) and in the production of female sex hormones ______ and _____ Ovum, progesterone,Estrogen
there are _#_ ovaries in the FMS 2
The ovaries are located on the ____ wall of the ____ Lateral, Pelvis
The ova will leave an ovary by being expelled from the ____ at the_____ of the ovary follicle, surface
After the ova leaves the ovary it then enters the abdominal cavity, where it is immediately picked up by the ____ ____ . uterine tube
The Uterine Tube is also referred to as the ____ ____ or the ___ ____. Fallopian tube, Ovi duct
how many Uterine tubes are there in the FMS ? 2
The uterine tube extends from the____ where the ovarian end of the tube has many fingerlike processes called ____, to the ____ wall uterus Ovary, Fimbriae , lateral
The uterine tube conveys the released ovum from the___ toward the____ ovary, uterus
If fertilization were to occur , it will occur within the ? (Fallopian Tube) Uterine tube
If fertilization does not occur , the ovum ? degenerates within the tube
An organ with an EXTREMELY thick muscular wall that expands during the development of a fetus The Uterus
The uterus is located in the____ lying upon the_____ surface of the urinary bladder pelvis, superior
The uterus has how many parts ? and what are they 4, Fundus, Body , Isthmus, Cervix
The part of the uterus that lies above the opening of the uterine tubes Fundus
Main mass of the uterus that extends ____ to a constriction called the isthmus Body , posteriorly
The constricted part of the uterus located between the body and the cervix Isthmus
The lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina Cervix
The Vagina lies ____ to the uterus Inferior
A canal that extends from cervix of the uterus inferiorly to the vestibule of the vagina , female reproductive organ during sex the vagina
the vestibule of the vagina is the ? The inferior opening of the vagina
The vagina is located ______ to the rectum and _____ to the urinary bladder anterior, posterior,
The Vagina is a _____ and distinct canal from the urethra. separate
The urethra in the female does ___ join the reproductive organs, as it does in the MRS Not
Labia means Lip
Two small folds of skin located at either side of the vestibule of the vagina Labia minora
labia minor are usually hidden by the ? Labia majora
two elongated folds of skin that extend_____ from the pubis Labia majora , posteriorly
The outer surface of the labia majora is covered with ____, where as the inner surface is _____ hair, smooth
The _____ is homologous to the penis and contains ____ tissue that, when becomes filled with blood, results in and erection. Clitoris, erectile
The clitoris is located where the 2 labia_____ join ______ Minora, Anteriorly
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