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2nd year reformation

Reformation huge changes in the Christian religion
indulgences pay the catholic church so that your dead relative gets into heaven quicker
nepotism giving church positions to your family
simony paying money to get church positions
pluralism having more than one job in the church
95 theses Luthers list of problems with Catholic church that he stuck on church door
excommunication being kicked out of the catholic church
papal bull letter from the pope threatening excommunication
diet of worms parliament in worms to discuss luthers beliefs
edict of worms order for luthers arrest
Lutheranism name of Luthers religion
Vernacular language spoken by the majority of people
Predestination Calvins idea that God has chosen your after life destiny
Presbyterianism Another name for Calvinism
John Knox Man who brought Presbyterianism to Scotland
The jesuits Group of catholic priests who travelled world spreading gods word for catholics
heretic someone who goes against catholic teachings
spain and italy two countries where court of inquisition was very successful
Ireland, Austria and poland countries where Jesuits did a lot of work to save catholic religion
counter reformation fight back by catholics to try stop people changing religion
church of england Name of Henry VIII's new religion
Archbishops and cardinals who was meeting at the council of trent
2 Number of sacraments in luther's religion
7 number of sacraments in catholic church
priests could marry in Luther's church
priests could not marry in catholic church
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