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BIC Block 2

USAF Basic Instructor Course, Block 2

Which system function directs and controls development of the training system and its overall operations? Management
Who decides if a student, who fails a block test and has no previous failures should be washed back? Flight CC/Chief
What are the 2 types of training standards? Specialty Training Standard (STS) Course Training Standard (CTS)
What are the 2 types of training objectives? Knowledge Based Performance Based
A _________ measuring instrument, is one yielding consistant results. Reliability
Who ensures the POI is developed using the most current TS and Course Chart? Curriculm Development Manager (CDM)
The left side of the Lesson Plan II body includes which elements? Training Methods, Applications, Audiovisual aids, Presentation, Evaluation (TAAPE)
Name the types of lesson plans. Master, Station, Personalized
Which CCD provides an executive summary by outlining the general structure and content of a course? Course Chart
What are the 3 CCD's? Training Standard (TS), Course Chart, Plan of Instruction (POI)
Which Training Standard is the most important? Specialty Training Standard (STS)
Who enters course information into course development software? Curriculm Development Manager
Which training objective states what the student is expected to do? Behavior
In the _________ phase, instructional objectives and tests are written. Design Phase
Name the parts of a training objective. Condition, Behavior, Standard (CBS)
What does Table #2 of the course chart contain? Training Content
Which CCD's corrilate in terms of knowledge and skills to be taught? Training Standard (TS) and Plan of Instruction (POI)
What are the 3 purposes of lesson plans? Continuity of Lessons, Standardization of Presentation, Increases Instructor Confidence
SSgt Imler is scoring his students tests and does not let his bias opinion affect his scoring. This is an example of what measuring characteristic?. Objectivity
Name five formal measurments you can use. Written tests, Performance tests, Progress Checks, Student progress checklists, Group/Team measurment
In the ________ phase, the student and the instructor lesson materials are developed. Development Phase
Which system function maintains all parts of the ISD system? Support
What is the first CCD developed? Training Standard (TS)
In a knowledge based objective, 2 parts of the objective may be implied, they are? Condition and Standard
Which Training objective specifies the minimum acceptable level of performance? Standard
Which measuring instrument states it must liberally sample what's being measured? Comprehensiveness
What does Table #1 of the Course Chart contain? Major items of equipment
What process determines if a test successfully measures the objective? Test Validation
Which training objective ID's the situation under which a student is expected to demonstrate? Condition
___________ is a tool used to identify trends through the collection of measurement data. Test analysis
The right side of the Lesson Plan Part II body includes which elements? Verbal support, Transitions, Interm Summary, Questions (VTIQ)
Which system phase is the central feedback "network"? Evaluation
The intro to a lesson plan part II includes which elements? Motivation, Overview, Transition, Attention, Review (MOTAR)
What are the responsibilities of the Curriculum Development Manager? Plan, Develop and provide assistance in preparing tech trng manuals, maintain as ISD case file, Evaluates trng materials for consistency with course objectives
Instructional system development is defined as what? a systematic and flexible process to analyse, design, develop, and implement training.
What specifies the training to be provided in terms of job tasks, knowledge, and required proficiency levels? Training Standard (TS)
What are the three stages of evaluation in the ISD process? Formative, Summative, Operational
What defines if further revisions are needed? Validation
Who is responsible for making sure instructors are available for class and are prepared to teach? Instructor Supervisor (IS)
Who is responsible for ensuring the course objectives are met? Class Instructor
During which phase are the POI and Training guide written? Development Phase
A _____________ objective is based on a behavioral or performance task. Performance Based
In which phase of the ISD process is the course chart initiated? Analysis
Which system function provides the instruction to the students? Delivery
Which system function is a continous process? Evaluation
The instruments we use to measure achievement must be ___________, ___________, ___________, ___________, and ___________. Reliable, Valid, Objective, Comprehensive, Differentiating
Who is the designated approval authority for students with 2 or more academic failures? Squadron Commander
The function of ___________________ is to make a clear distinction between those who get "it", and those who don't. Differentiation
Training Standards are used to __________________. Specify the training to be provided
Which system function gathers feedback data through formative, summative and operational evaluations? Evaluation
What are the informal measurments you can use? Appraisal, Exercise
The conclusion of the lesson plan part II includes which elements? Summary, Assignment, Remotivation, Closure (SARC)
Created by: KATIE.LEROY
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