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Third set of 50 hot words for the SAT

Labyrith (la-buh-rinth) n. a maze from which it is very hard to extricate or free oneself
Precarious (prih-care-ee-us) adj. dangerous or risky; uncertain
Quagmire (kwag-my-ur) n. a difficult or troubling situation; a swampy ground, bog, mire
Quandary (kwan-duh-ree) n. a dilemma; a confusing or puzzling situation
Turbulence (tur-byoo-luns) n. great unrest; turmoil or disorder
Turmoil (tur-moyl) n. a turbulent scenario or situation; turmult
Baneful (bane-ful) adj. causing ruin; harmful; pernicious
Deleterious (deh-luh-ti-ree-us) adj. harmful to one's health or overall welfare; pernicious
Detrimental (deh-truh-men-tl) adj. harmful
Devious (dee-vee-us) adj. dishonest or deceptive; tricky
Iniquitous (in-nih-kwuh-shus) adj. showing a lack of fairness
Malicious (muh-lih-shus) adj. intending to hurt or harm another; spiteful
Nefarious (nih-fehr-ee-us) adj. very mean and wicked
Odious (oh-dee-us) adj. loathsome; evil; revolting in a disgusting way
Ominous (ah-muh-nus) adj. pertaining to an evil omen; foreboding
Pernicious (puhr-ni-shus) adj. very destructive or harmful, usually in an inconspicuous and relentless way
Rancorous (rang-kuh-rus) adj. deeply hateful or spiteful; malicious
Virulent (vihr-uh-lunt) adj. extremely poisonous; deadly; full of spiteful hatred
Berate (bih-rate) vb. to rebuke or scold in a harsh tone
Carp (karp) vb. to find fault; to be critical
Castigate (kas-tuh-gate) vb. to scold or punish
Censure (sen-shur) vb. to criticize strongly
Chastise (chas-tize) vb. to punish or scold harshly
Deprecate (de-prih- kayt) vb. to show mild disapproval
Deride (dih-ride) vb. to ridicule or make fun of ; to scoff at
Impugn (im-pyoon) vb. to oppose or attack someone or something as false or refutable
Rebuff (rih-buf) vb. to snub; to bluntly refuse
Rebuke (rih-byook) vb. to reprimand or scold sharply
Reproce (rih-proov) vb. to speak too in disapproving manner; to scold
Upbraid (up-brayd) vb. to chide; to scold bitterly
Aloof (uh-loof) adj. uninterested; showing no concern; emotionally removed or distant
Apathetic (a-puh-theh-tik) adj. indifferent; showing no caring, interest, or concern
Detached (dih-tatcht) adj. aloof; indifferent
Impassive (im-pa-siv) adj. lacking emotion or drive
Indifferent (in-di-frunt) adj. apathetic; showing little or no concern
Listless (list-lis) adj. lacking interest in something, usually because of illness, fatigue, or general sadness; spiritless
Nonchalant (nahn-chuh-lahnt) adj. casual and indifferent: not showing any great concern or worry about anything
Phlegmatic (fleg-ma-tik) adj. hard to get excited or emotional; calm; slow-moving
Remote (rih-mote) adj. emotionally distant and disinterested; aloof; uninvolved; distant, far away
Stollid (stah-lud) adj. lacking emotion or not showing any emotion;stoical
Indolent (in-duh-lunt) adj.lazy; not wanting to do any work
Languor (lang-gur) n. a weak or lifeless feeling
Lassitude (la-suh-tood) n. a tired feeling, usually resulting from depression or too much work
Lethargic (luh-thar-jik) adj. having little or no energy
Sedentary (seh-dn-ter-ee) adj. having to do with sitting around a lot
Sluggish (sluh-gish) adj. slow and lazy
Soporific (sah-puh-ri-fik) sleep-induced; sleepy
Stagnant (stag-nunt) adj. lacking movement or energy
Torpid (tor- pud) adj. lacking energy; relating to inactivity; feeling sluggish
Compliant (kum-ply-unt) adj. yielding, submissive
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