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WVSOM -- Anatomy

Kidney/Gonad Development

What are the steps in the process of UG development-analogy to plumbing? 1. Install the pipes 2. Move the filtration system 3. Deal with the sewer 4. Remodel the pipes
What is installing the pipes? achieve the sexually indifferent stage
What is the moving of the filtration system? Ascent of the kidneys
What is dealing with the sewer? Differentiation of the cloaca
What is the remodeling of the pipes? achieving sexual differentiation
At the 3-4 week the inetermediate mesoderm becomes nephrogenic cord
Nephrogenic cord gives rise to mesonephrus and gonads
Endoderm becomes cloaca
cloaca gives rise to urethra and rectum
At week 3 the nephrogenic cord forms the pronephros
What happens to the pronephros? regresses as more caudal units are formed
What happens at week 4 as the pronephros regresses permenantly? Mesonephrus is formed
Mesonephric duct is also known as the Wolffian duct
Week 5 the metanephros is formed caudally by mesoderm
What grows out from teh mesonephric duct into teh metanephros? ureteric bud
What does the ueteric bud give rise to? ureter Kidney outflow renal pelvis calyces collecting tubules
The paramesonephric duct develops from the lateral mesothelium
Cranially, the ends of the paramesonephric duct opens into the peritoneal cavity
Caudally the paramesonephric duct fuse caudally in the furture pelvis
Week 5-6 the paramesonephric duct fuses caudally to form the uterovaginal peritoneum and the Mullerian tubercle
Week 5 the genital ridge is formed by the proliferation of _____________ and condensation of ___________. epithelium;mesenchyme
The ridge formed by the developing gonad and the mesonephros is the __________ ridge urogenital
What are the indifferent gonads? primitive sex cords
What adult structures do the mesonephric duct form? Most of the internal male reporductive system
What adult structures do the metanephric duct form? uereter renal pelvis calyces colle ting tubules
What adult structure does the paramesonephric duct form? uterus uterine tubes
What adult structres does the pronephros form? gone by 4th week
What does teh mesonephros form? TBFIL
What adult structure forms from the metanephros kidneys
What adult structure does the genital ridge form? gonads
What adult structure does the cloac form? bladder anal canal Prostrate urethral and paraurethral glands
Kidneys receive progressively cranial branches off the aorta
The most superior branch of the aorta that the kidney receives is the _________- renal artery
What happens if a kidney is horseshoe-shaped? It gets stuck under the inferior mesonteric artery
The cloaca is derived from ________ endoderm
The cloaca becomes partition from week 4-7
If an accessory renal artery remains it may obsturct the ureter
The ventral partition of the cloaca becomes the urogenital sinus
The dorsal portion of the cloaca is the anorectal canal
The urogenital septum becomes the perineal body
The UG septum is formed by three folds. What are they? 2 lateral folds and one cranio-caudal fold
The urogential sinus gives rise to the adult ______________________. bladder urethra uracus part of phallus
Anal canal gives rise to the adult rectum and anal canal
Externally, the division of the cloaca ends with urethral fold genital swelling genital tubercle anal fold
The allantois becomes a fibrous cord called the ruachus
The urachus becomes the median umbilical ligament
Week 6 is the march of the germ cell
Where do germ cells march? they migrate from teh yolk sac to the hindgut and move toward the genital ridge
What do the germ cells carry? male or female chromosome
What are germ cells responsible for? differentiation into male or female
What 3 things have to be differentiated? gonads ducts external genetalia
SRY gene encourages the primitive sex cords to proliferate
tunica albuginea layer of fibrous connective tissue surrounding the testis
testis cords Duct system within the testis
Intersitial cells of Leydig and sertoli cells responsible for producing testosterone and inhibiting mullerian ducts
What remains as teh mesonephros continues to regress/ efferent ductules
The epididymus forms as the ___________ elongates. mesonephric duct
The caudal outbudding of the mesonephric duct becomes the seminal vesicle
Between the seminal vesicle and epididymus becomes the Ductus deferens
What does the mesonephric duct become in males? epididymus seminal vesicles vas deferens
What does teh paramesonephric duct become in males? generally gone
What does gonad become in males? testes
The elongation of the genital tubercle in the male elongates forming a urethral groove
The urethral groove becomes teh penile urethra
the Penile urethra later forms the external urethral meatus
Phallus/genital tubercle = glans penis
urethral folds = body of penis
Genital swelling = scrotum
Genital tubercle in a male becomes the phallus/glans penis
The urethral fold becomes the __________ in the male. body of the penis
The genital swellings become what in the male? scrotum
WNT4 gene and estrogens influence ovarian differentiation
Surface epithelium layer of fibrous connective tissue
Ductuli efferentes do not communicate with folicular cells and continue to regress
Primary oocytes are surrounded by follicular cells
What tubles remain as the mesonephros regresses in teh female? epoophoron paroophoron gartner's cyst
The paramesonephric duct meets up with other side midline and forms the uterine tubes and uterus
Uterus is formed completely by the paramesonephric cutcs
What is the vagina formed from? endoderm and mesoderm
What female structure is formed from teh mesonephric duct? gone
What female structure does the paramesonephric duct form? uterine tubes uterus cervix superior portion of vagina
What female structure does the urogential sinus form from? distal 2/3 vagina
What does the gonad develop into in the female? ovary
What female structure does the genital tubercle become? clitoris
What female structure does the urethral fold become? labia minora
What female structure does the urethral groove become? vestibule
What do the genital swellings become? labia majora
What is the suprarenal gland surrounded by? the fibrous connective tissue capsule
What are the three arteries to the suprarenal glands? superior suprarenal artery middle suprarenal artery Inferior suprarenal artery
Blood from each suprarenal glad is drained by a single suprarenal vein
Where does the left suprarenal vein drain? left renal vein
Where does the right suprarenal vein drain? inferior vena cava
What are chromaffin cells? essentially sympathetic ganglia cells
Pre-synaptic sympathteics to the suprarenal gland come from T10-11 via the lesser splanchnic nerves
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