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White Module

Well Baby

What does APGAR mean? Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, Respiration
What is APGAR Test? The first test most babies are given, recorded at one minute then again at five minutes after birth to assess a new born's general condition
Moro Reflex newborn reaction to sudden noise or sensation of falling. Baby will extend legs, arms fingers and will arch back and move head back.
Babinski Reflex when a newborn's sole of the foot is gently stroked from heel to toe, the toes flare upward and foot turns in
Rooting Reflex newborn's cheek is gently stroked it will turn in the direction of the stimulus and mouth will open ready to suckle
Walking/Stepping Reflex held upright on a table or flat surface supported under arms, a newborn may lift one leg then the other, taking what seems like steps (usually after the fourth day of life)
What does circumcision help eliminate risk of phimosis (condition of foreskin tightening and swelling), urinary tract infections and penile cancer as well as some STIs
Common reasons for circumcision religious, cleanliness, appearance (locker room syndrome), health
Common reasons against circumcision lack of medical necessity, fear of bleeding & infection, pain, belief in children's rights, less risk of diaper irritation, father is not circumcised, not covered by OHIP
Advantages of Breastfeeding better digested, less sodium and protein, better absorption of calcium, less risk of allergy, little or no constipation or diarrhea, less obesity, more sucking satisfaction, cost, convenience, less complicated night feedings, mother child bonding.
Advantages of Bottle Feeding longer satisfaction for baby, easier to monitor intake, more freedom, fewer demands, father can participate, less restrictions and fewer dietary demands, less restriction for medications.
What is the Tdap-Polio Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Polio
What is Tetanus aka lock jaw, causes painful muscle cramping and convulsions; not spread person to person
What is Diphtheria sore throat, fever and chills, affects breathing, swallowing and can cause nerve damage. Airborne spread by coughing and sneezing
What is Polio causes nerve damage and paralysis of muscles used for breathing, talking, eating and walking. Airborne and drinking water with the polio germ in it.
What is Pertussis aka whooping cough, caused by germs in the throat and lungs. Spells of violent coughing can cause patient to stop breathing, leading to brain damage and death.
What is Mumps fever, headaches, and swelling of cheeks and jaw, can result in deafness, painful infection of ovaries and testicles
What is Measles high fever, coughing, rash, runny nose and water eyes. Severe cases can cause mental retardation and even death or miscarriage and premature birth in pregnant women
What is Rubella aka German Measles. fever, sore throat, swollen glands, rash and sore joints, can cause chronic arthritis and blood clotting problems
What is Varicella aka Chicken Pox, caused by virus with itch rash or spots on the skin like small water blisters. Can cause scarring and blindness if rash is in the or near eyes.
Created by: amatt