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68C Ph.2 T.1

Patient Environment and Bed Making

ELO> discuss the impact that environmental factors have on patient comfort and privacy a.temperature-infant/older adults/acutely ill (68-74 F), metabolic demands of body b.ventilation c.humidity (30-50%) d.lighting-natural,patient controlled e.odor control-allergies, nausea f.noise g.interior design h.privacy i.comfort
ELO> Identify nursing interventions to promote rest and sleep a.develop plan! b.limit interruptions c.quiet environment d.comfortable room temp e.timely procedures f.decrease environmental stimuli
ELO> Identify nursing responsibilities for bed making a.ensure cleanliness and comfort b.make post-op bed before pt returns c.make unoccupied whenever possible d.make occupied when required
Ways to reduce psychological strain on patient a.provide hope,cheer, ease grief b.explain procedures/disease process c.provide distractions d.allow expression of fears e.patient participation
What is rest? mentally relaxed, no exertion, calm, bed rest if needed
sleep state of rest that occurs for sustained period, reduced consciousness provides time for repair and recovery
What are some of the factors affecting sleep? a.physical illness b.anxiety/depression c.drugs/substances d.lifestyle e.environment f.nutrition
What are some physical factors affecting patient comfortability? a.interior design b.neatness c.privacy d.comfort
Circadian rhythm 24 hr sleep clock, also known as diurnal sleep patterns
Some of the actions that occur during REM? a.brain/cognitive restoration b.vivid, full-color dreaming c.loss of skeletal muscle tone --> approx. 90 min after sleep, 4-6 cycles per evening
Nursing interventions to prevent disturbed sleep patterns a.early ambulation b.milk 30 min prior bed c.procedures before 2100 d.change linen, reduce noise, dim lights
Sitz bath aids in reducing inflammation of perineal and anal areas of patient who has undergone rectal or vaginal surgery/childbirth
Which stage of NREM sleep would you return to following an REM episode? Stage 2- characterized by sound sleep, arousal still easy, lasts 10-20 minutes
Give a brief description of each of the 4 stages of NREM? 1-lightest, few minutes, gradual fall in v/s and metabolism 2-sound sleep, 10-20 minutes, functions slowing 3-muscles completely relaxed, v/s decline, 15-30 minutes 4-deepest
Created by: ajwildasin30