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French Revolution

French Revolution Revision

Calonne Financial Controller who called the Assembly of Notables
Necker Popular Financial Controller who was sacked by Louis in 1789
Abbe Sieyes Wrote the pamphlet; 'What is the third estate'?
Brissot Girondin leader and journalist
Desmoulins Jacobin writer and (later) indulgent
Danton Jacobin leader and Cordelier.
Robespierre Jacobin leader: The Incorruptible
St Just Robespierre's acolyte
Marat Jacobin journalist who wrote 'L'ami du Peuple'
Hebert Jacobin journalist who wrote 'Le Pere Duchesne'
Fouquier-Tinville Chief Prosecutor
Rousseau Radical enlightenment philosopher
David Revolutionary artist
Dumouriez Girondin General
Roland Girondin minister who escaped the purge and killed himself
Lafayette Feuillant and first commander of the National Guard
September Massacres 'Suspects' in the prisons were killed in 1792
Champ de Mars Massacre National Guard opened fire on protesters calling for a Republic in 1791
General maximum Price limit imposed on goods during the Terror
Revolutionary Tribunal Set up to try 'suspects'
Assignats Paper currency that led to inflation
Chouans Breton rebels during Terror and Directory
CGS 'Police Committee' - tension with the CPS
CPS Became the executive power during the Terror
National Convention Legislature from Autumn 1792 to Autumn 1795
National (Constituent) Assembly Group originating in the Third Estate Deputies that drew up the Constitution of 1791
Legislative Assembly Elected under Constitution of 1791 but only had legislative power until September 1792
Directory System of government from 1795-99
Created by: Mr Lovell