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Skin Disorders and

What percentage of cancers are skin cancers? 50%
What are some examples of skin cancer? Basal Cell Carcinoma, Sqaumous Cell Carcinoma, Malignant Melanoma
Which cancer is one of the most serious? Malignant Melanoma
Where does malignant melanoma originate/start from? Base layer of the epidermis or from a nevus (mole)
Etiology of Malignant Melanoma... Sun exposure (UV rayslight ) - severe blistering in early childhood, Race - light complection
What race is most affected by Malignant Melanoma? Caucasians
What percentage of Caucasians malignant Melanomas occur on sun-exposed skin? 90%
In regards to African Americans and Asians malignant melanomas-67% percent of these areas are affected. Non sun exposed areas such as mucous membranes, plantar and palmar surfaces.
Other factors besides race that can cause malignant melanomas are? immunosuppression & tanning salons
risk factors of malignant melanomas are? family history of malignant melanomas, red or blond hair, freckles on upper back, 3 or more blistering sunburns before age of 20, 3 or more outdoor jobs as a teen, and presence of actinic keratosis.
What is Actinic Keratosis? a rough sandpaper texture, premalignant macule or papule cause by over exposure to the UV light
Created by: sthomp17