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68C Ph.2 T.1

Practical Nurse and the Law

Patient's Bill of Rights adopted in 1972, now called The Patient Care Partnership. Patients can expect high quality hospital care, clean and safe environment and involvement in care
Patient Self-Determination Act requires institutions to maintain written policies regarding advance directives, right to accept or refuse treatment and participate in healthcare decisions
HIPAA Protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information, went into effect in 2003
Government (federal,state,local) also known as public law or statutory law, developed by local gov't> laws based on constitution of the united states, an individual state or subdivision within a state
Administrative Law agencies created to make and enforce rules and regulations i. Federal (OSHA) ii. State-State boards of nursing (TBON)
Private Law also known as civil or common law, based on customs and precedents> between private citizens
tort injury or wrong committed by one person, group or organization against another group of people. 3 types strict liability, intentional, negligence
Standards of care guidelines developed to identify appropriate levels of professional care, obligated to know and follow standards
Nurse Practice Act Basic law governing a LPN, passed by state legislature, defines functions and duties of state board of nursing, defines duties of the LPN
Scope of practice describe tasks and duties members are legally permitted to perform, defined by state laws, employer rules and professional standards
malpractice failure to meet legal duty, thus causing harm
defamation statements to someone that may harm character or reputation
Slander statements made orally that harm character
Libel statements written that may harm character
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