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Stack #175461

Arturos Dental Materials

What are Dental Cements used for? (6 things) Luting(Cementing),Liner, Base, and Temporary.
For Luting, what should be done? Tooth should be roughened for better attachment.Follow the manufacturer instructions.
Name some characteristics of Luting agents? Biocompatible, Relatively insoluble, Attach by micro mechanical retention.,
How do Luting agents protect the pulp? Against thermal sensitivity, chemical irritation, prevents galvanic shock, Used in deep preparations,
What is the advantage of ZOE? Maybe used for a temporary due to its sedative effect.
What are the disadvantages of ZOE? Not strong enough to seat crowns, Not used as a Base, and because it's oil based, it should never be used on composites!
What is a cavity sealant? It is a varnish with chloroform which evaporates. It serves as a barrier. You can't use composite resin on a cavity sealant (no retention).
What is Calcium Hydroxide (CaOH) used for? It is used as the liner of choice for pulp protection. (0.5- 1.0 mm) It contains silicilatic acid.
What is the base of choice for restorations? Either Zinc Phosphate or Glass Ionomer due to their strength.
What is an indirect pulp cap? It is so deep in preparation you can see a pink hue (pulp just under).
What is a direct pulp cap? Preparation is in the pulp (red). You should cover it with CaOH, then base, then filling material. This situation may later call for a root canal.
What does CaOH stimulate? Secondary Dentin formation.
How is Zinc Phosphate mixed? It is mixed on a glass slab. It also produces a lot of heat.
What causes tooth sensitivity? The movement of water in and out of dentinotubules.
What dentrifices such as sensodyne (toothpastes that help with sensitivity)do? They usually contain Potassium Nitrate which deionizes those sensitive areas. These are only temporary.
What should you never use a varnish on? Never use a varnish on composite resin because it is oil based!
What is an amalgam? A metal alloy with one element being mercury.
What does a dental amalgam contain? Silver, tin, copper, zinc, and mercury.
With what do we mix amalgams? A triturator or an amalgamator.
Where can an amalgam restoration be used? On virtually any tooth. Class I, II, III, V, (possibly IV).
Which composition do we use, Low Copper or High Copper? We use High copper because it contains less mercury.
What are the three cuts for amalgams? Lathe cut, spherical, and admix cut.
What is lathe cut? irregular, requires 4-6 Ibs. of pressure to condense.
What is spherical cut? It is a harder product that is easier to compress (2-3 Ibs. of pressure). Low copper composition.
What is admix cut? It is a combination of lathe cut and spherical cut.
What keeps an amalgam restoration in the tooth? Mechanical retention. It depends on the tooth for support. No adhesion or cohesion.
What is a wedge used for? To prevent overhangs and to avoid open contacts.
Name Liner properties? Varnishes (Copal)are mixed with acetone. CaOH is used for direct and indirect pulp-capping. They are used to seal dental tubules. (Glooma is an example)
Where can a composite resin be used in the mouth? Anywhere. Class I, II, III, IV, V, VI.
What are the disadvantages of Composite resins? They have inadequate marginal structural integrity, polymerize shrinkage (leakage), do not stand heavy occlusal wear, very difficult to place.
What are the advantages of Composite resins? Esthetics, more conservative preparation(not so much cutting of tooth), less leakage when done right.
What are composite resins composed of? Silica or Quartz or Glass, or combination of the three.
What type of instruments are used with composite resins? Gold or plastic intruments.
What are the steps for placing a composite resin restoration? 1.Clean tooth (Peridex)2.Acid etch(35-37%)Phosphoric acid 15-30 sec.3.Rinse etch.4.Dry tooth.5.Primer (monomer that allows penetration, removes water)It fills irregularities and seals tubules.6.Adhesive (liquid). light cure (cohesion)7.Composite-light cur
What are the two main reasons for a composite failing? Moisture contamination and Incomplete Light curing.
What does the smear layer(pelicle) consist of? saliva, burr, debris, proteins
Why are glass ionomers good as restorations? They have good strength, and they absorb and release fluoride. Good for class V.
Why aren't glass ionomers recommended as restorations? They are monochromatic so they are not esthetically used on anterior teeth.
What is the physical breaking off of enamel due to occlusion called? abfraction
What is the chemical wearing away of enamel called? erosion
What are glass ionomers good for? liners, bases, pulp cap, core buildups,luting agents, class V restorations, adhere to all tooth structures, and they take and release fluoride.
What is effective in removing the smear layer? Peridex, peroxide, pure pumice,and phosphoric acid. Never use prophy paste (it is oil based)
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