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Bates Microbio-18y

Microbiology Exam 5 Chapters 19-27 Must Know Test Questions

Models of action in antimicrobial drugs -Inhibition of cell wall synthesis - inhibition of protein synthesis - inhibition of nucleic replication and transcription - injury to plasma membrane -inhibition of synthesis of essential metabolites
Drugs which cause inhibition of cell wall synthesis -Penicillins -Cephalosporins -Vancomycin -Bacitracin
Drugs which cause inhibition of protein synthesis -Chloramphenicol -Erythromycin -Tetracyclines -Streptomycin
Which drugs cause inhibition of nucleic acid replication & transcription -Quinolones -Rifampin
Which drugs cause injury to the plasma membrane -Polymycin B
Medications causing inhibition of synthesis of essential metabolites -Sulfanilamide -Trimethoprim
Kills microbes directly Bactericidal
Prevents microbes from growing Bacteriostatic
How do we test for microbial susceptibility to chemotherapeutic agents. Disk-Diffusion method- use ampicillin
The mechanisms of drug resistance 1) blocking entry 2) inactivating enzymes 3) alteration of target molecule 4) efflux of antibiotic
What are the common methods of misuse in antibotics? -Using outdated or weakened antibiotics -Using antibiotics for the common cold and other inappropriate conditions -Using antibiotics in animal feed -Failing complete the prescribed regimen -Using someone else's leftover prescription
Created by: arichardson_14